Time Magazine and Global Warming

Time Magazine and Global Warming. Anthony Watts shows three Time Magazine covers about Global Warming, only two of which are real. Now that’s comedy!

Is the real message this though: “Skeptics”! Pay attention!

  • 1977 was one of the “cold” years. You know, when there were 7 scientific papers predicting global cooling. (And 42 scientific papers predicting global warming.) Pay attention!
  • 2001 was when the 1998 temperature record was still fresh in journalist’s minds. Pay attention!
  • 2010 is the hottest year on record globally and yet snowfall is high. How could that be? Maybe because more evaporation over warmer (regardless of cause) oceans means more precipitation over land. You know, what goes up, must come down. Pay attention!
So did those evil social engineers decide that their alarmism should be about Global Cooling instead of Global Warming in the ’70’s? Did scientists predict an impending ice age in the 1970’s? You could always start at Wikipedia or Skeptical Science and figure it out yourself.

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