An Unexpected Limit to Climate Sensitivity

An Unexpected Limit to Climate Sensitivity. Climate scientists have struggled for decades to accurately determine the sensitivity of Earth’s climate to changes in atmospheric CO2. Citizen-scientist Willis Eschenbach thinks he’s figured it out. It’s not 3℃, if the cartoon version atmospheric model he’s using is right the sensitivity should be 9℃! Clearly those scientists don’t have a clue (this is what we call “foreshadowing”).

Oops. He was measuring the wrong system, and he forgot about “conservation of energy”.

1 thought on “An Unexpected Limit to Climate Sensitivity

  1. Wow. I love how he constantly emphasised that this wasn’t his system, it was the climate scientists! And then borks it up.

    By the time any reasonable person got to the end of writing that post, they would have immediately thought “maybe I should tallk to someone who understands this stuff” – as opposed to just releasing it into the world for the wuwt conspiracy hounds to chase.

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