Johns Hopkins succumbs to heat wave mania

Johns Hopkins succumbs to heat wave mania. (May 3, 2011) “Climate Change Analysis Predicts Increased Fatalities from Heat Waves”, published in Environmental Health Perspectives on May 1st, 2011, is about heat-waves and the impact of global warming on morbidity. Anthony Watts stumbles across their press release and incorrectly decides they’re talking about record high temperatures. Nope.

Anthony, heat-wave morbidity is linked to multiple days of high nighttime temperatures, something that actually has an association with global warming, and humidity, not record highs. You’re not on the same page, buddy. (Are you ever?)

Anthony seems to think that denialist meteorologist Joe D’Aleo’s 2009 analysis, and the stagnant Hall of [false] Record blog (where the 2012 elections will aways be “getting closer”), have the definitive scientific answer. People only die from cold! Also, a weird blurred-together “statewide” record temperatures chart doesn’t seem to support global warming. Anthony loves mashed together out-of-context data if he can use it to advantage, but what dim-wit actually thinks that rising temperatures can’t happen without lock-step new daily temperature records? There’s something about straight lines that captivates denialists.

In the Joe D’Aleo links to we find the assertion that Anthony seems to like: “The claim that warming increases morbidity rates is also a myth.” Oops, Wikipedia says “in the United States, the loss of human life in hot spells in summer exceeds that caused by all other weather events combined, including lightning, rain, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.”

1 thought on “Johns Hopkins succumbs to heat wave mania

  1. Hmm, CDC documents for the year 2003/4 revealed a minimum average of 700 deaths per year listed as Hypothermia as the primary cause of death(alcohol, drugs and other illnesses were secondary contributing factors) as shown here in this press release.

    Anthony Whataclown, is obviously drawing on Indur’s Heartland (Smoking is Good for you) Institute’s abuse of statistics published back in June 2010, claiming 108,500 (700 real) in the US (pop. 300 million) and another 5,680 (646 real) in Canada (pop. 34 million and suffers from colder weather extremes compared to the US south of the border). Now that is true Mathturbations of plain vanilla ordinary numbers from the real world.

    Using the corrected figures, the ratio is around three heat related deaths to one hypothermia related death in the US. Please correct me if I am wrong, thank you.

    The junk science fiction Anthony pumps out, is truly out of this world and in another universe far, far, far, far away, by any definition of that which is normal!

    (epic face palm)

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