The paper – accepted

The paper – accepted. (May 8, 2011)  Holy moly, Anthony Watts are a scientist! Well, “Corresponding Author” Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. is a scientist. Anthony announces that Roger and he will have a paper in an upcoming American Geophysical Union publication. I guess the AGU forgot Al Gore’s instructions about maintaining “the consensus.”

Anthony’s even managed to avoid the taint of public funding by getting fellow citizen-scientists (aka blog readers) to cover the page charges. Anthony and Roger have used the color crayons for this one and that’s expensive.

I have to shake my head at the hate-on Anthony has for government grants and the real scientific community. Of course he’s still on the watch for double-crossin’ warmist sneaks:

If you are wondering why I blurred the [DOI] number, it is simply that given what has transpired, with preemptive strikes by NCDC, and the recent BEST ambush before Congress, I’m simply being cautious.

Gosh, I thought it was hard to get papers confirming previous analyses published these days. Another myth demolished.

Will this paper be laced with accusations and faulty logic like his Science and Public Policy Institute pamphlets? Maybe it will just be, well, boring when he has to stay factual and reality-based.

Expect the denialosphere to kick into high gear over this regardless. I’m looking forward to it.

3 thoughts on “The paper – accepted

  1. no reason to get your hopes up, it’ll be boring. but you’re right to be excited on how boring it is.

    [Or, maybe, the whole alarmist house of cards will collapse!!!!!!!! That would be awesome. – Ben]

  2. I wonder whether the Anthony’s readership will feel betrayed when a peer-reviewed paper with all of the caveats and cautions that should be expected appears. Even if it is boring, this is one paper that I want to read.

    [You know, I’m also getting more interested it what will pop out from under Anthony’s hat. – Ben]

  3. Or as most cynics would say, just how much of it was cherry picked mathturbations applied liberally with copy and paste and/or ghost written?

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