Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!

Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!” (2011-11-22). Remember Climategate? The stolen climate scientist e-mails that denialists tried to cherry-pick and twist into… something? Happened just before the Copenhagen climate conference. Anthony Watts and his team remember and they’re still sullenly licking their wounds over that misfire (but putting on such a brave face…).

Now we have new stolen e-mails with “new revelations!” Coincidentally, just before the Durban climate conference.

Oh. It’s just a second batch of even tamer messages from the first theft. Still, plenty of opportunities to make a fuss, tut and titter, and infer darkly. That’ll do, right Anthony? Especially since the first thing Anthony seems to have done is search for his own name. (Could vanity be the motivation behind everything Anthony’s done?)

Here are a few links on Climategate 2.0, I doubt I’ll cover what will undoubtably be a flood of outraged irrelevant posts on Anthony’s blog:

Look for Fox News, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and similar news organizations to credulously report the new “revelations.”

16 thoughts on “Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!

    • Benny you can’t ban me from this site as I have more skill on the pc than you, what ever you do I will find a way around it.
      Just like your climate boys, when they encounter a problem they just alter some data so it’s solved.
      Mean while in the real world over 20, 000 pensioners froze in GB last winter due to the fact that green led policies have pushed prices up way beyond what people can afford.
      Get your head around that you tool, who gives a flying fig if world temperatures rise a couple of degrees, you really are dangerous loons

      [Oh, look at that! Banned. Also: self-important, resentful, lying, ignorant. – Ben]

  1. I think it was worth it just for the chuckle at Delingpole’s deliciously ironic title “Uh oh, global warming loons: here comes Climategate II!”

  2. The denialists are working overtime on this one. Since the emails appear to be part of the original hack two years ago (evidence: there are no emails from the past two years), the cherries had already been picked over, and the conspiracy theories will get even more incomprehensible. Of course, that won’t stop them. WUWT is at 700 comments and counting. I suspect a lot of families are going to be asking over Thanksgiving dinner “where’s that crazy uncle who always shows up?” Answer: he’s reading climategate emails and posting his findings on WUWT.

  3. I think that mpaul won the WUWT thread with this (in Watt’s vanity post):

    OK, my skeptic instincts are on high alert. So far, there is no smoking gun in the emails. There are only some uncomfortable exchanges, expressions of doubt, etc., etc. How do we know that this isn’t Mann or another member of the team putting these emails out to try to sway public opinion. . The idea would be to put out a bunch of legitimate emails that put people in a mildly bad light (so as to establish their genuineness), but don’t contain any really damning stuff. There will be a big flurry of press coverage and blogger buzz, but in the end, its all about nothing. The public will then conclude that its all been overblown and that the skeptics are wrong about the degree of dishonesty within the team. Public interest (and the concomitant public pressure) in the UVA emails would subside. This would be a fairly sophisticated strategy (sort of a ‘false flag’ operation), but I’m worried because these emails are not nearly as damning as Climategate I. It all looks very suspicious to me. And it coming just prior to the ATI hearing.

    [Classic. – Ben]

    • “but I’m worried because these emails are not nearly as damning as Climategate I.”

      Which of course seven investigations have shown – to not be the slightest bit damning.

      As the commentor himself says ..”but in the end, its all about nothing.”

    • Sometimes a person comes along that is so unintentionally funny that I laugh out loud for a good minute. This is one of those times.

      [I visualize Anthony’s fingers involuntarily squeezing… – Ben]

  4. Wow, these emails are so scandalous and ripe with fraudulant behaviour they waited 2 years to release them.

    Doesn’t this represent a failling of the elite ‘blogentists’? think how many Windmills could have been stopped if such crucial information had been released 2 years ago.

  5. Say, today isn’t “April Fools Day” April 1st , 2009, by any chance is it?

    It certainly seems like it!

    Steve: time stamp: November 23.2011 &:59 pm

    “If these emails are so “spectacular” why has it been two years since the original release of stolen emails before these surfaced, conveniently well after the inquiry on climategate concluded.
    I have seen nothing yet that I call spectacular, just the same old clipped out of context stuff as the first set of email back in Nov. 09.”

    How long will that comment last, until Anthony Watts ” Vincent Crabbe & Gregory Goyle” equivalents et al censorship gang wake up, to slash and burn and prune their way through 862 comments, to the ones that refuse to follow Anthony’s mononeuron April Fool’s day monologue of silliness ?

    !72 Debunked Denial Head in the Sand Arguments. Link.

    What do the ‘Climategate’ hacked CRU emails tell us? Link

    The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism (13 languages). Link

    The Debunking Handbook Part 1: The first myth about debunking! Link

    A well known and internationally respected reliable Australian furphy free source or dose of climate reality and real science. Link

    There is, I believe a cynical old American saying: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”!

  6. I think that that train is already about thirteen years late isn’t it?

    Do you believe that those emails indicate that the climatologers are doing their jobs in a disinterested fashion?
    I kind of get the impression that they are not being honest and that they are working to an agenda rather than any honest reporting of the science, Actually that is plainly obvious. By saying that there is no problem exposed in these emails what you are really saying is that you support their dishonest behavior because you support their agenda. May as well at least be honest about it.

    [You ethical standards are rather selective. It seems that “climatologers” may not belch, but you can denigrate freely. I guess you admire Monckton with his explicit accusations of nazism. – Ben]

  7. Your pet climatologers can belch all they want. They do already.What has that got to do with the fact that they have been exposed as dishonest and incompetent liars?
    You are worried about a train hitting you? Well it seems that the train in the cartoon above is pure make believe. Or do you still believe these guys??
    So, Ben, where is this model that is so accurate it shows us how to steer the climate? Why not show it to us? You do have one don’t you? I mean you have geniuses like Phil Jones who can’t do trends in XL but who I am sure have built a global climate model…

    [I think you’re in some kind of endless loop of political resentment. Search for the reset button. – Ben]

    • Yes, agree with Ben. Lewis here has been living too long at the right wing mouth piece disguised as a climate blog, WUWT. As pointed out above, even his other fellow bloggers see nothing of interest.
      Climategate was like a C grade movie & now they have released part two in case part one wasn’t pathetic enough.
      It would be nice if the hackers released the other 200,000 emails they withheld from publication. But I’m thinking that would be rather damaging to the denialist cause.

  8. By the way chaps, your lame comments are still up on WUWT for all the world to see. So much for your hopeful claims of pruning and censorship.
    (Why the hell would Anthony want to deprive the world of your great insights?!? LOL)
    Best try RealClimate for that sort of Stalinist censorship.

    [politics, politics, politics. Will you and Eeyore ever catch the Heffalump? – Ben]

  9. To me the success of these nutjobs shutting down CO2 reduction in America represents the greatest failing of Science in the history of Science.

    It means that our approach to Science is so fundamentally flawed it cannot even effectively warn Humanity it is in the middle of extinction level event and changes should be ennacted.

    It goes to our relationship with reality, which I guess is a basic description of science. If Einstein had been truthful and said there is no room for a ‘God’ in Science then Humanity would have a more honest relationship with realty and would not be so open to the snake oil sellers.

    [The denialists have cut off their own noses and are triumphantly holding them in the air. – Ben]

  10. Blimey, this new theme is big and bright.

    Anyway I see Willis is off on another. In a ‘polite’ ‘open letter to Prof Jones he uses the word ‘lie’ at least twenty times and the word ‘lair’ at least twice. Surely it doesn’t take that much repetition to get the message across?

    [Yes, Willis is at it again. I think he’s amusing enough to cover… I’ll try to tweak the website layout, I like this new template because it use more of the browser window. – Ben]

  11. Sloppysecondsgate is spectacular because “spectacular” is in the title of the blog post? Run that by me again….

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