A little security help for my friends

A little security help for my friends” (2011-12-16). Anthony Watts, that paragon of transparency and objectivity, passes on a b-grade security tip to his fellow sneaks now that British denialist Roger Tattersall (aka “Tallbloke”) has had his computers seized as part of the criminal investigation into the second release of old “Climategate” e-mails.

Keep everything important on a USB thumb drive and be ready to smother it with mayonnaise and swallow same on a moment’s notice. This includes your chemtrail studies and skynet preparations.

Because everything you’re doing is totally on the up-and-up.

7 thoughts on “A little security help for my friends

  1. Great post. Hilarious.

    “Because everything you’re doing is totally on the up-and-up.”

    Lucky I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee when I read that! :)


  2. And when you go to retrieve it Tony , you will have no trouble. Your blog posts indicate that you are used to a pile of crap.

  3. So, if a man is innocent as he claims to be, why are people such as James Delingpole and his international associates, such as Joanne Nova, soliciting the tiny minority of head-in-sand denial of climate change ersatz skeptics to provide cash for his legal defense team?

    Who benefits?

    There is a cynical Yankee saying: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!”

    Or “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Winston Churchill

    [Legal harassment is an unethical but effective means of distracting and perhaps impoverishing an opponent, so Roger Tattersall could make that argument. But perhaps Lord Monckton is the better analogy here, he uses the threat of legal action as a way of promoting himself. – Ben]

  4. [The classic logical imbalance: one year that can be twisted as support for denialist claims is a trend, twenty years that can’t be squinted away is somehow only a blip. – Ben]

    2013 climate change, it just keeps on giving,

    China Expected to Reap Bumper Summer Grains Harvest

    Farmers in India’s Kashmir rejoice over harvesting bumper paddy

    Kyrgyzstan expects bumper harvest in 2013

    Apple from Iran: growers face losses despite bumper crop.

    Islamabad—Pakistan is expecting bumper output from Kharif crops including rice 6.5 million tons, cotton 15-16 million bales, sugarcane 65 million tons and maize 4.5 million tons, officials at Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Minfa) said. Rice would be cultivated on 5 million acres, cotton on 9 million acres, sugarcane on 2.2 million acres and maize on 3 million acres.

    China to boost corn imports despite bumper harvest

    Tuesday 13 August 2013 13:30 … wheat and rapeseed harvest, bumper crops almost everywhere else in the world have depressed prices.

    Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:43am IST … Five years of bumper harvests have created unruly, large stockpiles of wheat in India

    6 days ago – UK: Bumper harvest of pumpkins, apples

    CANADA….Neil Townsend, market research director with CWB, the Canadian Wheat Board, reckons that records for wheat, durum and canola could be broken by more than 10 percent. He said:
    “This is a level that we haven’t seen before. I mean it’s exceptional.
    Sept. 30, 2013. Tibet is expected to witness a bumper harvest this year.

    20 Sep 2013 – Perfect summer weather means 2013 hop crop could be one of the best for … Today, British hops account for just 1.6 per cent of the world’s …

    27 Sep 2013 – Harvest 2013 is wrapping up and Saskatchewan farmers are running out of storage for bumper crops.

    Tasmania’s wine producers are predicting another bumper harvest, off the back of the largest crop in the state’s history.

    HAMBURG, Aug 20 (Reuters) – The European Union’s main wheat producers have gathered a bumper harvest despite worries the long winter and hot summer would damage crops, traders and analysts said on Tuesday.

    Over 80 percent of America’s fresh pears are grown in the Pacific Northwest, and this year’s harvest is slated to be one of the biggest on record.

    Guyana expecting bumper rice production this year

    26 Sep 2013 – Read the latest West Country (E) stories, Full report: Bumper crops of blackberries this year on

    Vineyard harvest helpers needed for bumper crop. Tuesday 1st October 2013.

    KARACHI – The bumper rice crop production is unlikely this year due to number of reasons in the country

    World rice production to outpace consumption in 2013: FAO … Russia looks set to harvest a bumper crop of rice,

    Abundant rains presage bumper rice crop in Asia, FAO says

    30 Jul 2013 – Asia is awash in rice and the glut is expected to worsen as good harvests… and government support for farmers combine to produce a bumper crop

    Bumper potato crop in state – Times Of India

  5. eeeek –

    This past winter across much of South America was one of the coldest and snowiest winter seasons on record dating back, in some cases, more than 200 years. Parts of northern Argentina, Paraguay and southeastern Brazil saw their first measurable snowfalls in at least a century. A hard freeze last month in central Argentina killed at least 22 percent of the 2013 winter wheat crop.

    [Denialist Tourette Syndrome: “Weather!” “Weather!” – Ben]

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