The IPCC gives me a shock

The IPCC gives me a shock” (2011-12-16). Anthony Watts boasts that as eminent ‘citizen-scientist’ he’s been appointed to the IPCC:

I’ve been appointed as an expert reviewer for the IPCC AR5. I’ve viewed the invitation letter and it’s the real deal.

His “qualification”? He found a web page and entered his e-mail address.

Nobody recruited me, I was not invited by IPCC to apply, I was given a tip by another skeptic on the application page – Anthony

Anthony’s also been appointed customer-in-line #53 by his local butcher and has found the mailing address for submitting  letters-to-the-editor at the Carmichael Times. It’s the trifecta!

His readers (some of them have received the golden ticket too) don’t seem to understand the difference between writing a scientific report and being allowed to whine about same. Are they one of the cool kids now or is it a trap?

4 thoughts on “The IPCC gives me a shock

  1. I can’t wait to see Anthony’s comments to specific, detailed findings in the IPCC technical report, and then read what real scientists write about his nonsense. For years he’s attacked the IPCC on the political level or for minor editoral mistakes. Now he has to take on the science. But my bet is that he’ll weasel out of submitting comments with an argument that the process is designed to silence him. His followers have already headed down that conspiratorial path.

    [Maybe it will turn out like the denialist submissions to the EPA. The staff scientist’s responses to their ignorant, incoherent arguments were dry wit classics. – Ben]

  2. I can hardly wait for Lisa Laframbois’ tantrum over this. She hates underqualified people and shrilly demands Phd’s for all at the IPCC.

    She may go easier on our boy; he’s white. It’s those Africans she is really after.

  3. BFD – I was asked to be an “expert reviewer” in an email from the IPCC too:

    Dear Colleague,

    You may be aware that the First Order Draft of the Working Group I contribution to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis (IPCC WGI AR5) will be available for Expert Review from 16 December 2011 to 10 February 2012.

    We are contacting you today because your name has been suggested as a potential reviewer for the First Order Draft by one or more Coordinating Lead Authors and/or Review Editors of WGI. We therefore would like to invite you (again) to assist in the IPCC assessment process by registering to serve as an Expert Reviewer for the WGI AR5.

    [I think receiving a request to contribute trumps Anthony’s self-nomination. – Ben]

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