Media 101 – How to jump a shark

Media 101 – How to jump a shark” (2012-01-07). Anthony Watts gives a lesson in media awareness, but it ain’t the one he thinks he’s giving. Anthony’s earlier post started as a standard “them corrupt lyin’ climate scientists and their gullible mainstream media partners” post but turned into “oops, I misread a journalist’s simplification of research results and used it to falsely malign the scientists, But I was right anyway.”

Anthony’s entrée into this subject is some Christian Science Monitor and Business Insider articles, not a scientific report. But that’s more than enough for Anthony to wade in swinging.

‘Peer-reviewed journal’ Business Insider said:

Researchers from the University of Queensland found the hybrids to be a mix between the common black-tip shark and the smaller Australian black-tip, which thrives in warmer waters than its global cousin.

“Renowned scientific pillar” Christian Science Monitor said:

The team is looking into climate change and human fishing, among other potential triggers.

Now Anthony acknowledges:

the [actual researcher’s] press release DOES NOT contain the words “global warming” nor “climate change”.

Hence he is once again shouting about nothing. What’s the lesson again Anthony?

1 thought on “Media 101 – How to jump a shark

  1. Watt-a-mistake to make!

    With this bone of contention, he truly jumped the shark, yet again since his infamous B.E.S.T. claims in 2011! Youtube video thus “Anthony Watts hoist by his own petard!”:

    Looks like Anthony Watts, has truly swallowed both feet, in his big mouth simultaneously, all the way up to the thigh bone! ;0

    [Love those Climate Crock videos. – Ben]

  2. From the comments:

    Geoff Sherrington says:
    January 5, 2012 at 9:28 pm
    How does evolution proceed without hybrids?


  3. The ‘scholarship’ of Anthony Watts:

    ‘Instrumental temperature data for the pre-satellite era (1850-1980) have been so widely, systematically, and uni-directionally tampered with that it cannot be credibly asserted there has been any significant “global warming” in the 20th century.’

    Source: Surface Temperature Records: Policy-driven deception?

    ‘The Earth is warmer than it was 100-150 years ago. But that was never in contention – it is a straw man argument. The magnitude and causes are what skeptics question.’

    Source: BEST: What I agree with and what I disagree with – plus a call for additional transparency to prevent “pal” review

    Watts is a buffoon. Discuss.

    [That’s a short discussion! – Ben]

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