Media 101 – How to jump a shark

Media 101 – How to jump a shark” (2012-01-07). Anthony Watts gives a lesson in media awareness, but it ain’t the one he thinks he’s giving. Anthony’s earlier post started as a standard “them corrupt lyin’ climate scientists and their gullible mainstream media partners” post but turned into “oops, I misread a journalist’s simplification of research results and used it to falsely malign the scientists, But I was right anyway.”

Anthony’s entrée into this subject is some Christian Science Monitor and Business Insider articles, not a scientific report. But that’s more than enough for Anthony to wade in swinging.

‘Peer-reviewed journal’ Business Insider said:

Researchers from the University of Queensland found the hybrids to be a mix between the common black-tip shark and the smaller Australian black-tip, which thrives in warmer waters than its global cousin.

“Renowned scientific pillar” Christian Science Monitor said:

The team is looking into climate change and human fishing, among other potential triggers.

Now Anthony acknowledges:

the [actual researcher’s] press release DOES NOT contain the words “global warming” nor “climate change”.

Hence he is once again shouting about nothing. What’s the lesson again Anthony?