Helping Bloomberg understand ‘stupid’

Helping Bloomberg understand ‘stupid’ (2012-11-01).  Oh Anthony! To understand stupid all one has to do is visit your little weblog. It’s the distilled essence of same.

For the thousandth time Anthony Watts hauls out the assertion that weather has nothing to do with climate. Think about that for a minute… But when business magazines like Bloomberg Businessweek start calling denial of Global Warming “stupid” you know the penny is finally dropping. So much for Anthony’s pleasure over the absence of climate issues in the current Presidential campaign.

Communist rag Bloomberg Businessweek’s Nov. 1st cover, addressing A. Watts personally.

Anthony’s expert climate refutation? “Hurricane Expert” political economist Roger Pielke Jr. and infamous climate liar Steve Goddard. ‘Nuff said.

P.S. Anthony: If you’re gonna fake up a passive-aggressive mock magazine cover figure out line formatting or you’ll just come across as grade-school.

2 thoughts on “Helping Bloomberg understand ‘stupid’

  1. Even μWatts’ readers took issue with the graph showing the count of hurricanes in each bin of CO2 cocentration (regardless of the number of years in those bins). When an argument for denial is too stupid even for them…

    [However the bulk of the comments are the usual “no, they stupid! We smart.” and reflexive accusations of supporting economic/political tyranny. – Ben]

  2. “Hurricane expert Roger Pielke, Jr.?” You mean, *the* Roger Pielke Jr., who has NO formal training in meteorology, or any science degree? That one? Next.

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