Announcement: WUWT-TV to counter Al Gore’s ’24 Hours of Climate Reality’ with live webcast

“Announcement: WUWT-TV to counter Al Gore’s ’24 Hours of Climate Reality’ with live webcast” (2012-10-29). Another day, another grandiose proclamation from Anthony Watts. Just last Friday we were told to brace ourselves for “a major announcement” and here it is! Gasp in amazement! Tremble in awe!

Turns out that Anthony merely got wind of Algore’s latest evil scheme – “another transparent attempt to link climate and weather”, which apparently have nothing to do with each other – and he’s banged together a counterattack.

Remember Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Climate Reality last year, which worked Anthony into yet another state of anoxia because it used video production techniques? (Sort of like everything ever produced by professionals.) Anthony ain’t gonna stand for it when Gore presents a “Dirty Weather Telethon” next month.

Anthony knew our minds would be blown if we weren’t given a chance to brace ourselves, hence the 72 hour notice. But here it is: the Koch Brothers bought him a webcam and he’s going to do a webcast! You know it’s PRO because he’s even got PowerPoint and a “clicker”. And it’s called “WUWT-TV”. Almost all of his denialist attention-hound buddies will be firing up Skype so they can blink and cough in the guest window. Denialism’s Who’s Who, ranging from Ross McKitrick (not a climate scientist) to Senator Jim Inhofe (not even faintly a scientist)  to morris dancer Screaming Lord Sutch Lord Monckton (not a scientist, period).

I know Anthony’s puffed-up “major announcement” is just bog-standard web seminar stuff, even though he claims to have “engineered a remote ‘clicker’ that allows guest presenters to control the presentation from their end”, but it will be Community Access comedy gold. Just watch your data cap Anthony, I’d hate to see that Tip Jar get sucked dry.

Since Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on New York City while Anthony spouts his feeble “weather” misdirection, I’ll link to this Climate Progress post:

Atlantic City successfully adapts to climate change, October 29th, 2012. – Climate Progress

7 thoughts on “Announcement: WUWT-TV to counter Al Gore’s ’24 Hours of Climate Reality’ with live webcast

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  2. I say, we ALL log to Ant’s Skype shindig (NOT a TV event!) and do our own DoS service for him…;)

    [Or flood him with inane questions and be outraged when we are IGNORED!!!!!!! – Ben]

  3. I see Watts is having a pop at the ‘deceptive practices’ of the ‘alarmists’ (its the usual truncated quote trick). I was curious about how he reconciled this point of view with the oh-so-undeceptive practice of allowing one of his moderators to dishonestly post under a false name and simultaneously rig the discussion.

    So I asked him. So far ‘the site that doesn’t censor’ has not published my query. Just an oversight, I am sure.

  4. “Or flood him with inane questions and be outraged when we are IGNORED”

    Eventually, Watts has to break cover and come out into some venue where he doesn’t control the flow of questions and comment. I predict it will not end well. Here’s a template …..

    Mr Willard Watts, your blog policy contains the following admirable sentiment

    “Internet phantoms who have cryptic handles, no name, and no real email address get no respect here. If you think your opinion or idea is important, elevate your status by being open and honest. People that use their real name get more respect than phantoms with handles. I encourage open discussion.”

    And yet it is the case that ‘Smokey’ one of the more prolific and outspoken posters and virulent promoter of your blogs’ viewpoint is in fact the false name of a member of WUWT staff – Mr Dave Stealey (aka dbstealey aka moderator ‘dbs’).

    ‘Smokey’ seemed to get more than a fair crack of the moderation whip, opponents in the discussion seem to have their posts delayed, snipped and edited and Smokey seemed to be able to marshall a response to a point in extraordinarily quick time – almost as if he got to see them before they were published.

    Smokey and dbs have recently gone quiet, but Stealey/Smokey, apparently unable to resist the urge to fight the good fight, is now posting under the new name ‘D Boehm’. Don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling, the viewpoint, vocabulary and the asinine debating points are identical.

    A few questions:

    1 You must of been aware of the activities of dbs/Smokey/Boehm on your blog, which would seem to indicate you are the hypocrite to end all hypocrites. It seems clear that anyone coming to your blog cannot expect anything resembling the fair treatment and ‘open discussion’ that you pretend to promote. Would you care to comment?

    2 How many of the posters at WUWT are actually staff? (Either a percentage or an absolute number will do)

    3 Please perform this thought experiment: it emerges that Michael Mann has been posting under a false identity promoting his work at RealClimate ( much as Steve McIntyre used to do as ‘Nigel Persaud’ on Usenet). How many posts would this generate at WUWT?

    4. If your case is so strong, why the need to engage in this pissant subterfuge?

    Please ‘elevate your status by being open and honest’.


    • I’ve noticed that none of the mods at WUWT sign their name any longer – they just sign as ‘mod’ presumably to try to prevent anyone finding out just who is commenting whilst also modding.

      [Anthony’s “moderators” posting comments of their own would illuminate the inconvenient truth that WUWT’s thumb is always on the scale of the discussion, like a cheating butcher’s, but would be more honest than the apparent policy of allowing sock-puppets for their favored opinions. We’re left wondering how much of the squawking there is just Anthony & Co. amplifying their own opinions… – Ben]

  5. I think you will find that the ‘b’ in ‘dbs’ stands for Boehm. A quick google search on his full name will confirm this. Rare name, that!

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