Fare thee well, friend

“Fare thee well, friend” (2012-11-13). What bad manners! Just as Anthony Watts’ anti-Gore skype-in is about to start Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. says he’s giving up (“retiring“) his blog. Now, more than ever, denialists must shout!

Was he “the best climate scientist in the world”? So sayeth Anthony’s commenters. Well he is the one of the few “skeptics” with legit scientific (meteorology) credentials, and he does admit that “humans are significantly altering the global climate”. Anthony loves to get as close as possible to Dr. Pielke to try to transfer the scent of semi-credibility to himself.

Dr. Pielke has certainly produced legitimate scientific work, but in the field of climate science he’s mainly been a disgruntled complainer. He seems focused on how all the other climate scientists have formed a secret club and arguing that we must be 200% sure before doing anything. Also, scientists who recognize global warming are advocates (while those who grudgingly accept it but seek to minimize its significance and prevent action aren’t). He has also cleverly noticed that the phrase “climate change” could refer to cooling as well as warming. If that were happening.

Maybe Dr. Pielke just got tired of trying to sell the same old half-truths week after week?

3 thoughts on “Fare thee well, friend

  1. Just made this small contribution to WUWT-TV

    Al Gore will be on Reddit answering questions Thursday, be sure to ask him if he knows about WUWT-TV, and why he hasn’t taken down the faked Climate 101 video yet:

    Anthony Watts will not be answering questions. Which is a shame cos we want to ask him how many of his posters are also moderators like dbs/Smokey/Boehm.

    Hmmmm David Boehm Stealey ….I wonder?

    This post will be censored by the site that doesn’t censor in 3-2-1 …. LOL!

  2. Personally, I’m sorry to see Pielke, Sr. go. I can’t totally figure the guy out but he’s the only person towards the skeptical side that I would ever refer anybody else to for, say, moderation or an alternate view. I found him worthwhile but, then, I’m personally unable to critique his science or his claims.

    I have often thought it would be nice to have a dedicated, on-going site with Pielke engaging on a regular basis Real Climate, etc, et.al. in congenial and collegial dialogue and give-and-take. I was glad to see his occasional appearance on RC or SkS.

    I guess we’re all still waiting for Watts to legitimately publish his “game-changing” paper complete with Pielke’s involvement. I suspect Pielke will briefly re-appear on his blog to extoll or defend it and praise Watts some more. Or, more likely, it will die a silent, ignominious, stillborn death?

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