Discussion thread: Reddit Bans Climate Change Skeptics

Discussion thread: Reddit Bans Climate Change Skeptics (2013-12-20). This is rich; Anthony Watts, who uses his website’s commenting policy to impede and frustrate critics of denialism, has suddenly noticed that Reddit banned “climate change skeptics” from its /r/science forum. A year ago.

Anthony excerpts an article from that bastion of honesty and impartiality, Fox News, to ‘splain it. Strange though that Anthony’s copy-and-paste fails to include this bit:

While there is a subreddit dedicated to climate skeptics, it has far less research than the larger science board.

I love the quote from famously dishonest denialist journalist James Delingpole that Anthony seems to want to highlight. it’s a beautiful example of free-floating, illogical, baseless political resentment:

“The greenies — and their many useful idiots in the liberal media — are terrified of open debate on climate-change because the real world evidence long ago parted company with their scientifically threadbare theory,” Delingpole told FoxNews.com, arguing that Allen’s tactic is part of a “classic liberal defense mechanism: If the facts don’t support you, then close down the argument.”

Seems pretty clear that Reddit moderator Nathan Allen understands readers of Watts Up With That? well:

They had no idea that the smart-sounding talking points from their preferred climate blog were, even to a casual climate science observer, plainly wrong.”

Have a look at the comments in Anthony’s post for the delusional nonsense Nathan recognizes as so poisonous to intelligent conversation.

10 thoughts on “Discussion thread: Reddit Bans Climate Change Skeptics

  1. I was banned from WTFIWWAW simply for asking which journal Anthony expected to get that now infamously stupid manuscript of his published in. I think he didn’t like the words “poorly written”.

  2. ‘reddit’, is a social website famous for its trolls and their associated support sockpuppets. Here the trolls of ‘reddit’, game the system, to hijack all debates, with complete fact free feel good pure nonsense. Purpose, to score, three to four digit up votes. One of ‘reddits’ most infamous trolls, back in December, 2012, was outed in the corporate mass media too! Specific sub ‘reddit’ threads, have their resident lurking trolls, too.

    Shock horror, there is, even one troll, using sockpuppets to submit fact free garbage in, garbage out blogs, as proof climate change, is not happening. Who in reality, successfully trolls the climate denialati and other trolls, on climate change too! This troll, habitually bans all cynics, who successfully debunk the daily fact free horse hockey, posted on that thread. The moderator/troll/sockpuppet, fears, the debunk proof “Skeptical Science”, like the bubonic plague.

    Alas, being fact and science free, It is boring to read and suffers often, from the dame old, same old, repetitive horse hockey, by reposting mostly links to Willard’s blog. From time to time, the readers, are also shown Willard’s fellow paid propaganda writers, from Canada, Europe and Australia. This mobs science free garbage in/garbage out, is basically Willard’s Heartland Institute repeat often rubbish, with very minor rewrites, for local consumption. Curiously, when these Willard blog links, are posted outside the safe haven. The cynics, down vote , the garbage of Willard’s climate denial to oblivion.

    The cynics of ‘reddit’ , do have a real “skeptics” sub reddit. Here, those trolls who dish out their daily dose of fact free horse hockey,are the biggest losers. Cynics, on that thread, dislike all trolls, absolutely. In addition, another special sub ‘reddit’ was created to report the trolls, who try to game the system, too!

    So, ultimately, poor Willard Watts, is telling us, his one and only one lonely ‘reddit’ troll and all associated sockpuppets, has been banned in r/science. All because, he/she uses the same identical fact free science fiction daily and has zero debating skills.

    Let the cynics rejoice, Willard Watts, has met his match and has all but been wiped out, in his first and only major battle at “reddit”. Willard Watts “Climate Science Fiction Team of One Troll”, routed, score absolute 0. Real Science Score 1,000 with the first round fired. Willard’s final Waterloo, is due in, the summer, when the Arctic Ocean, is ice free.

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Abraham Lincoln

    • I generally agree with you that Anthony’s efforts to poison the debate shouldn’t be treated as equally credible. But as a critic specifically focussed on Anthony’s campaign of deception and distraction I think it’s proper for me to link directly.

      By the way I followed your archive link wondering if it was static (it isn’t) and I see fake moderator dbstealey hard at work deleting the comments of people he’s vehemently arguing with. Classic!

      • Whenever Watts posts misinformation, many scientists link to his site to gawk at his increasingly stained legacy. That boosts his traffic, making him more attractive to advertisers. Before I was banned from WUWT, several Wattsians told me that they consider WUWT more credible than SkS or other science-based sites because WUWT gets lots of traffic.

        Your reply is actually a very good reason to archive. I’ve also found many strange WUWT deletions, which would be impossible to prove unless I used “archive.is” to make a copy of WUWT.

        Please don’t link to WUWT. Please archive the site instead, and link to that. If someone really wants to give Watts extra traffic to help pay his bills and help Watts fake credibility, they can always click one more time from the archive.is link.

  3. Yes, the introduction (‘author of “The Little Green Book Of Eco Fascism”’) and quote of Delingpole is a fine example of the kind of idiocy that can pollute discussion threads.

  4. have you seen the latest. The ever deluded Watts is trying to tell us that there isa ship stuck in ice in antarctica.

    [Indeed. He’s actually right! His series of posts about this have made me chuckle though, and I’ll comment shortly. – Ben]

  5. If truth and reason are on your side, what drives you to write in the style of a ranting religious fundamentalist?

    I’m an English atheist, and I used to take it for granted that the “consensus” was correct. It was the obnoxious tone so frequently adopted by supporters of the “consensus” that awakened me to the reality that something was wrong.

    [You’ve typed out words, but it’s kind of hard to associate them with anything I’ve said in my post. – Ben]

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