Whither went the warmer weather?

Whither went the warmer weather? (2013-12-16). “17 years, 3 months with no global warming” says Anthony Watts, our all-knowing guide to the Universe. He knows this because Britain’s celebrated Morris Dancer of the intellect, Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley says so in his usual tangential, conspiracist, long-winded, self-delighted way. He even has a tongue-twister post title and a poem to back him up, who can beat that?

Furthermore, the Lord declares that “the models are in fundamental error”, trying to imply that conventional climate science is somehow wrong. As usual he’s too busy pontificating to consider, in this case, the distinction between prediction and projection.

Monckton tops it off by jumbling the cautionary statistical aphorism “correlation doesn’t imply causation” into “absence of correlation necessarily implies absence of causation.” That’s logical mastery that rises above grimy reality!

Never mind that this November just past was the hottest ever in the GISS record, or that the HadCRUT3 warming trend is pretty glaring if your eyes are open. Look at Monckton’s data!

Wait that’s the GISS data, posted by Tamino, which kinda undermines the Lord. We only trust the RSS data! Look again:

Damn, that’s not flat! Can’t a right-thinking denialist count on Dr. Roy Spencer? Oh, his chart wasn’t playing the long game, it was just designed to boast about his UAH satellite data corrections (it’s only “fudging” when other scientists do it).

Best to stick to Lord Monckton’s own chart, with the messy contradictions and distracting numbers tucked away out of sight. Squish the scale down too and draw a nice thick flat line on it:

Monckton 20131216 RSS chart

Now that’s useful science!

3 thoughts on “Whither went the warmer weather?

  1. Well down under in Oz, government weather forecast; “Heatwave expected to hit one-third of Australia over Christmas” link

    Or, Willard Watts always ignores the inconvenient truth, as one hemisphere cools down, the other inconveniently warms up. Hotter, than it was, one hundred years ago.

    [Like clockwork, Anthony’s discerning eye swings north and south so he can keep talking about cold weather. – Ben]

  2. Oh right, weather is only climate when an alarmist tells me. A heat wave in Australia in their summer proves global warming. A cold northern hemisphere in winter is only local weather. Oh wait, I forgot it’s now “Climate Change” and a cold northern hemisphere proves global warming as well,

    [No, weather is only climate when it’s part of a long-term trend. Although it is entertaining to turn the scientifically bankrupt denialist game around on them. – Ben]

  3. Thanks for the last graph of Santers 17 years ……. While CO2 rose almost 30%. says it all.

    [Hear what you want to hear. – Ben]

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