California’s drought situation in pictures – what a difference one year makes

“California’s drought situation in pictures – what a difference one year makes” (2014-01-18). Anthony Watts is in anguish over the California droughts (there’s been plenty of wild fires too). Click through to see Anthony rue the delay in government intervention and put his faith in climate models! No, this is not Bizarro Earth.

Why won’t someone do something! We needed government intervention last year!

Yesterday, Governor Brown declared a drought emergency, which is probably a bit too late.

But don’t worry, climate models show that everything will be A-Ok next year.

if the Nino 3.4 model ensemble is to be believed, then California will likely see a strong precipitation rebound in 2014/2015.

Naturally Anthony maintains his confidence that every instance of cold weather, anywhere, is proof of no global warming ever while every instance of hot weather or drought is just a sticky patch. But it’s getting hard to do it with a straight face.

HotWhopper takes Anthony to task nicely: Finally, if a “bit too late” – Anthony Watts talks about the drought in California.

3 thoughts on “California’s drought situation in pictures – what a difference one year makes

  1. Wattsy should really rename his blog to “Cognitive Dissonance and Dunning-Kruger: A Case Study.”

  2. Is it me or, are the quality of the heavily censored comments on WUWT, getting dumber as Willard’s blog is another year older?

    Willard Watts, or his editor truly have very low standards indeed.


    [In one of Anthony’s posts I just criticized the “impartial” moderators were wading into the fray with both fists swinging without even bothering with their usual false identities. Can’t remember if it was the bogus journal flap or the dunce-lecturing-TV-hosts “letter”. – Ben]

  3. I see a lot of straw man in your posts. Anthony makes no claim that every cold weather condition is proof that global warming is false. You making an assertion does not make it true. Any reader of WUWT will immediately see that they do not argue against climate change or the possibility of global warming, only the relevance of global warming as a man centric phenomena.

    [So Anthony didn’t say “Certainly not global warming” about the drought, hasn’t been squawking about the so-called “pause” for months, doesn’t always reflexively refer to some similar(ish) in some distant place or time in an attempt to normalize troubling weather or climate? Ok then. – Ben]

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