The Copernicus-PRP fiasco: predictable and preventable

“The Copernicus-PRP fiasco: predictable and preventable” (2014-01-19). Anthony Watts concludes that playing the “censorship!” card in defence of the terminated climate denialist journal Pattern Recognition in Physics is too much of a stretch even for him and that amputation is required.

[Update: I just saw the uncorrected RSS summary for Anthony’s post, a desperate a plea for guidance – what should he believe? “Post on the Copernicus – Tallbloke fiasco please advise” The rats are truly running in all directions.]

Otherwise the dishonest scamming hypocritical denialists who tried to start a fake science journal (see yesterday’s post about the inglorious life and death of Pattern Recognition in Physics) will make dishonest scamming hypocritical denialists like Anthony look like the same kind of dishonest scamming hypocritical denialists as the first group of dishonest scamming hypocritical denialists!

“[Pattern Recognition in Physics’ implosion] has painted all climate skeptics with a broad brush.”

Yes, Anthony, you’ve been tarred by the same brush even though you’re flinching away as fast as you can. Because you’re exactly the same kind of intransigent, politically motivated science denier trying to lie your way to “credibility.” Scrutiny – it’s a bitch.

No doubt their shared conviction that communist conspiracies underlie all climate science will reunite the climate denialists, but for now the denial-sphere is dissolving into factional conflict. Dip into the comments at Anthony’s initial coverage of the journal’s cancelation. When even stalwart followers are complaining about “fighting like ferrets in a sack” you know it’s worth the time.

What hasn’t changed? Non-denialists are still thugs;

the “panic” [Copernicus Publications] were under after getting hit with an [imagined] email campaign from James Annan’s “various people”.

and lust to censor is still the unslaked desire of the ‘mainstream’ scientific community;

 “this looked like another case of suppression due to the anti-IPCC message conveyed in the PRP Special Edition”.

7 thoughts on “The Copernicus-PRP fiasco: predictable and preventable

  1. Am I wrong to be enjoying this so much? Does that make me a bad person? I sure enjoy it!

    [The combination of exposed hypocrisy and failed cunning is irresistible. – Ben]

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Mörner, Archibald, Humlum and Easterbrook regularly write guest blogs for WUWT. All of them involved in one way or other with PRP.

    Like Rattus Norvegicus writes:

    Anthony. There are a lot of people associated with this incident who have graced the pages of this blog with headline posts. I assume we will not be seeing anything from them in the future.

    [They’re dead to Anthony now, and he to they. – Ben]

    • They’re dead to Anthony now, and he to they.

      O really? No more nonsense from Easterbrook or Archibald? Who’s next to be kicked off from WUWT? Monckton?

      I don’t believe it one bit. Scafetta, Mörner and Tallbloke may have fallen out of grace, but the rest hasn’t.

      That comment thread is insane BTW. So many people say the pal-review is okay, because a handful of climate scientists (out of thousands) have allegedly done the same. What does Watts think when he reads that? “I created a monster”?

      • And there we have it, a new guest blog full of nonsense by Easterbrook. One of the comments below it is quite funny:

        Don is basing his forecasts on pattern recognition which is as far as I can see at this time is the best way of forecasting climate .

  3. It really is a very exciting discussion:

    Crowd review gives you junk like Wikipedia.
    And it gives you tremendously valuable forums like WUWT.


    [The imagery triggered by the comment about “fighting like ferrets in a sack” really captured the denialist scene for me. – Ben]

  4. I really appreciate your archived links, Ben. This is almost as interesting as the Slayer-WUWT cage match from a few years ago. Rattus’s assumption that WUWT will stop “publishing” the rants of those involved seems to be contradicted by the continued presence of Slayer Dr. Tim Ball at WUWT.

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