Cold kills: Summer no sweat for Aussies but winter freeze fatal

Cold kills: Summer no sweat for Aussies but winter freeze fatal (2015-01-13). In which Anthony Watts tries to move the pea from under the “it’s not getting hotter” shell to the “who cares how hot it gets anyway” shell.

After the crazy temperature records all across Australia earlier this month, Anthony somehow had to change the subject to something a little less awkward I guess.

Not quite sure why Anthony thinks, or pretends to think, it’s a revelation that there are more deaths during cold weather than hot weather. Or what that really has to do with climate. Cold weather deaths are generally a risk to those with inadequate shelter, not some magic indicator of ‘the best’ climate for Homo sapiens.

It makes a useful denialist bellowing talking point I guess, but I love how eagerly Anthony jumps on any mention of the word “cold”. It’s almost Pavlovian!

5 thoughts on “Cold kills: Summer no sweat for Aussies but winter freeze fatal

      • “But how could Man have any impact on God’s creation!”

        Let me count the ways… Oh, not enough room here for that!

        I will suggest that eating some of that creation might count!

        Man was designed to impact God’s creation.

        [No “design” necessary in my view but otherwise, yes. – Ben]

  1. Are you in love with Anthony Watts. I see you have a fixation on him. Also you look sooo gay in your blog pic. That and the fixation thing have most of us convinced.

    [No response required. – Ben]

  2. Nice to see ‘argumentum ad homophobeum’ from a denialist. Shows not only they’ve run out of ammunition, but that they’re bigots, too. Anthony Watts must be wondering how he manages to attract all the weirdos, but he needn’t look far :)

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