Climate Clash: Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts Owns TV Physicist Brian Cox

“Climate Clash: Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts Owns TV Physicist Brian Cox” (2016-08-16). In which Anthony Watts’ stand-in Eric Worrall trumpets racist Australian science-denier Senator Malcolm Roberts getting laughed at as a triumph. Perhaps that’s as good as it gets for denialists these days?

Strange that Senator Roberts, who Worrall boasts has “expert knowledge of climate datasets” is unaware that the raw temperature datasets have been available for decades and that they closely mirror the maliciously falsified corrected-for-station-errors version.

Senator Roberts is (was?) part the loopy Galileo Movement (because they, and only they, are as s.m.r.t and insightful as that old Italian). He wants to ban muslim clothing and put surveillance cameras in mosques and has alluded to both UN and jewish world conspiracies. Damn, I picking him next time I play Denialist Bingo!

Here are a couple of amusing links:

4 thoughts on “Climate Clash: Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts Owns TV Physicist Brian Cox

  1. Welcome back, Ben — it’s been a while and your posts have been missed.

    I was under the impression the Cox/Roberts vid had gone viral, with people laughing at Roberts’s buffoonery (and the expression on Cox’s face when he realizes the guy is even stupider than he’d thought); certainly I was sent the link by several different friends. It’s hard to believe Worrall thinks he can get away with promoting it as a Roberts triumph.

  2. Hi Ben,
    Is there any way to get linked to Watt’s website, but avoiding him receiving any ad revenue he gets per click.

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