Friday Funny – “gone in an instant” – climate edition

Friday Funny – “gone in an instant” – climate edition (2017-01-20). In which Anthony Watts celebrates the deletion of the page about Climate Change as soon as Donald Trump became President. Because hiding information is how you prove your case, I guess.


Silly me, I thought it was by proving the opposing position is wrong. Something that Anthony has never been able to do in a decade of whining and maligning.

But for Anthony, ignorance is bliss. Like the Grinch atop Mt. Crumpit, he vengefully imagines that “heads will explode” but I think it’s the denialist pants that are most at risk. At least temporarily.

4 thoughts on “Friday Funny – “gone in an instant” – climate edition

  1. Did you *really* mean to write, “” Tres amuse, if so!

    [Damn you, autocorrect! That’s my story and i’m stickin’ to it. Maybe it’s now the WhiteDonkey now though. – Ben]

  2. Do you ever actually point out what is wrong with any of the arguments on WUWT or do you just say its wrong?

    [Give me a credible argument at WUWT that deserves to be scientifically addressed. The rest deserves nothing more than derision. – Ben]

  3. Ill-informed climatologists like Anthony Watts and Roy Spencer (not qualified in the physics of heat transfer mechanisms as I am) score “own goals” claiming that GH gas warms the lower troposphere and cools the upper troposphere thus increasing the lapse rate – the exact opposite of what water vapor does. See for the correct physics.

    I wrote on Roy’s thread …

    Roy writes: “But that doesn’t mean the lower atmosphere cannot warm from adding more greenhouse gases, because at the same time they also cool the upper atmosphere.”

    Well, that means adding GH gas (including water vapor) supposedly makes the lapse rate greater in the troposphere, warmer at the base as Roy says, and cooler at the top.

    The trouble is, Roy, that adding more of the greenhouse gas water vapor REDUCES the lapse rate.

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