Still far more worrisome than global warming: solar coronal mass ejections

“Still far more worrisome than global warming: solar coronal mass ejections” (2017-02-01). Space climate alarmist Anthony Watts reminds his readers about space weather (Coronal Mass Ejections) and tells them that we can’t pay any attention to climate change (which is a commie lie anyway) until every other risk has been averted first.

A CME “would plunge our society into darkness and chaos as our sensitive electronics, networks, and power systems fail world-wide”!!! But “global warming worriers” are apparently “blind to this looming and certain threat and prefer squabbling over a few tenths of a degree change in temperature that may or may not be entirely man-made.”

Coronal Mass Ejections are scary!

Anthony presents a Coronal Mass Ejection in cartoon form.

A significant CME aimed at Earth could undoubtably cause serious trouble for our electricity transmission networks and the devices connected to them, as well as affecting commercial satellites. This is a serious matter in electrical engineering circles.

But methinks Anthony’s space climate alarmism is more concerned his own smug energy-intensive technology bubble than he is about humanity in general. How will Anthony receive President Trump’s tweets? Your average African or Southeast Asian subsistence farmer would ride out this kind of transient tech disaster easily, assuming they haven’t already watched their soil blow away or be poisoned by relentless anthropogenic global warming.

3 thoughts on “Still far more worrisome than global warming: solar coronal mass ejections

  1. Tony has always been a Koch/Heartland Institute paid science denier. I deal with his propaganda everyday and have been doing so for many years. Only serious paid fools still deny scientific consensus.

  2. I thought you would actually debate his points of view with some sort of science. You know you can go onto WUWT and debate people there if you want to. A

    Actually show them they are wrong.

    [Anthony said nothing about this, just implied that a CME is “scarier” than global warming. In a first-world way. Regarding your suggestion, there is no debate at WUWT, just smug self-delusion and censorship of criticism. – Ben]

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