The flying Monck

The flying Monck” (2011-12-06). Isn’t that just like Anthony Watts? Warm is cold, up is down, grimaces are grins. The aging and unfit Lord Monckton is so desperate for attention that he actually sky-dived over the Durban climate conference to ‘draw attention’ to climate change denial skepticism. Anthony declares that Monckton is “grinning” on the way down, but you be the judge. Anthony’s readers are equally enthusiastic in their admiration of this demonstration of Monckton’s intellect.

Hang on to them choppers, M’Lord. And open them eyes.

Actually, this may be Monckton’s primary talent. Oblivious grinning while his arguments are shot down.

Note also that, just like in the climate debate, Monckton’s role is to clown for the camera while someone else pulls the strings.

High level clouds and surface temperature

High level clouds and surface temperature (2011-10-06). Anthony Watts thinks that winemaker Erl Happ is S-M-R-T, so he posts his long explanation of why global warming, which isn’t happening, is all because of clouds.

Although tamino has a different opinion of Erl’s science, I’ll just say that I think Erl’s complete quotation of Wordsworth’s poem is the most convincing, and useful, part of his argument.


Greenhouse Thought Experiment

Greenhouse Thought Experiment. A Guest Post from Jeff Condon. Denialists go to great lengths to misrepresent the “greenhouse” effect and direct our attention to partisan television commercials telling us that CO2 is “essential for life”. Mr. Dunning–Kruger Derek Alker, inspired by Tim Ball et. al.’s comic novel Slaying the Sky Dragon – Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory, sent Jeff an Excel spreadsheet and a really ugly PDF that “ends the AGW scam” (again).

Apparently Derek received a geometric flash of insight into Earth’s shape. Them dumb physicists are ignoring the “back” half! Only they’re not of course…Science of Doom tries to turn the conversation back to reality on Jeff’s “No Consensus” website (sorry, I can’t write that without quotes around it).

But for us, this is Jeff’s launching point for a thought experiment about “the greenhouse”. He considers two Earths (specifically, a happy 1℃ warmer Republican Earth and a miserable colder Democratic Earth). Which will appear “warmer” to an external observer? After-all, a real greenhouse will appear warmer to an external observer. As any Physics 100 student will tell you, the answer is that the two Earths must exactly balance the radiative energy. In = out.

The interesting question is how could one Earth be 1℃ warmer than the other. Who wants to guess?

The Antithesis

“The Antithesis”. Christmas Guest pudding from William McClenney, of a particularly turgid variety. If you can trudge through it all, let me know if I got this wrong…

William joins the long list of denialists who think they can argue that slow geological events in the past are equivalent to today’s rapid climate change. Not particularly original, nor particularly interesting.

His entertaining version of the “precautionary principle” is a take on an old denialist delaying tactic. What if, instead of trying to stabilize CO2 at what we think are natural levels, we should be raising it? The fatalist version of denialist “precaution” saves effort at the expense of everything else.

This paragraph particularly annoyed me for its fundamental anti-science:

“An astute reader might have gleaned that even on things which have happened, the science is not that particularly well settled. Which makes consideration of the science being settled on things which have not yet happened dubious at best.”

So every time we are able to improve accuracy of for example, an age estimate, we are in fact proving that science isn’t useful? Dumb.

Kyoto Protocol: Bad Science = Bad Policy

Kyoto Protocol: Bad Science = Bad Policy. Christmas Guest pudding from Ruth Bonnett. Ayn Rand, the novelist and icon of libertarian “thought”, apparently foretold that the Kyoto Protocol would be an attack on Australian farmers. The IPCC is also apparently a tool to “restrict technology” so that we’ll all have to live in caves in the dark and die of starvation.

But what about Nostradamus?

Climate Change and the Corruption of Science: Where did it all go wrong?

Climate Change and the Corruption of Science: Where did it all go wrong?. Christmas Guest pudding from Bernie Lewin. Apparently Global Warming is just a way to use apocalyptic scenarios to generate social panic and maintain political power. And the scientists all jumped onboard because they like the attention.

So all the denialist rants about conspiracies, lying scientists, and impending secret world governments is just a rational response?

That’s funny, cause I thought the fundamental basis for Global Warming denialism was right-wing interests exploiting paranoia over perceived threats to autonomy to protect their own power.

Some of the Missing Energy

Some of the Missing Energy. Willis Eschenbach keeps trying to use Excel to disprove the Earth’s accepted energy balance. He’s suddenly learned about evaporation and now the counter-proof is “thunderstorms!” Apparently they make CO2 irrelevant. He also introduces the new preferred energy unit, the “tiny bit”.

Try again.