Denialist Squeaks

I get a lot of ignorant, illiterate, incoherent denialist garbage in the comments. As per my policy of keeping the noise out of the conversation, they don’t survive my comment moderation. But some of them have entertainment value or just give insight into the denialist mentality. What to do with them! Maybe I can shift them over to this page for your centralized amusement.

28 thoughts on “Denialist Squeaks

    • I’m torn: as a practicing earth scientist and one that is completely in the rational camp of AGW, I’m not sure how to ‘rate” this: UP could be construed as supporting the troll, down could be construed with denigrating he who EXPOSED the troll..see my dilemma?..;)

      Howzabout “Good troll/Bad troll” button? In that case, put me down as “Bad Troll!”

      [I’m with you on that one, I’m not sure the thumbs capture the nuances of intelligent debate. Denialist tactics exploit this lack of nuance. – Ben]

    • Seems to me that anyone who doesn’t understand the difference twixt *weather* (Richy’s -15) and *climate* (the ~3200 high temp records shattered this summer, being a possible effect of CLIMATE change) is the ‘numpty.” Whatever the hell THAT means…;)

    • Hoo hoo, haw haw….thanks, Richy for that bit o’amusement! It’s not often, nor well supported, to see the words “talking sense” in the same sentence as “Monckton,” or “spencer.” Tears, milk out nose….;)

  1. Benny great idea, here’s one idea I got , give us some evidence to support the warming theory.
    You muppets want it all ways if its dry in Oz its global warming ditto tje recent floods, cold and snowy global warming .
    You get the picture yet?the games up and you are just a useful tool flogging a dead horse

  2. Hey Benny boy I thought this was my own personal piece of turf, get klem the hell out of here.
    Do you know what really amuses me, it is the arrogance of people like yourself in thinking that despite all that’s happening , you still act as if you know better than us.
    You’re the useful tool Ben , your only saving grace is that no one uses this site , so someday when you finally get it you can remove the whole site and just hope you can rescue your reputation.
    I’ve been visiting several sites similar to your own as research for a new book, I will come clean here as it will be the last post I make. I will forward you a copy, due provisionally may 17th
    All the best Prof Richard Collins(media studies)

    [So I’m an insignificant “tool” and yet somehow also the subject of your new book. Hmmm… Looking forward to my copy, filled no doubt with your nuanced insights, but take my advice “Professor” and get it printed at your copy shop. Replacement inkjet cartridges are expensive. – Ben]

  3. Hi Ben don’t you mean squeaks in the title, no problem though no one reads it to make any difference

  4. Bong! bong! bong! that’s the death knell of this site , where are you Benny boy, have you suddenly seen sense?

    [Demonstrating wishful thinking and confirmation bias in a single illiterate sentence? Nice. – Ben]

  5. Hello Benny seems that my last statement was correct.
    Where are your regular updates?
    As predicted, you have probably realised that it’s best to distance yourself from this mess, also it hurts to know that no one is actually reading this dross

    [More self-congratulatory delusion from “Inid”. – Ben]

  6. Thank you for putting in one place some of the antitoxin to WUWT.

    [It’s painful, but it’s better than the disease. – Ben]

  7. Benny where are you, can we have some warming over here in Britain?

    [Not paying attention, are you? – Ben]

  8. benny when i put in an internet search for you all it says is that you are the author of this pile of crap. Do you actually hold a science degree or is your sole purpose just to be knob end?
    Do yourself a favour and disappear up your own arse, global warming is a non event and its only useful idiots like yourself who believe in it

    [Spare us the inference that I’m a dupe of the great, secret, conspiracy and only you, with your towering intellect, stand above all the deceptions. If I’m a “useful idiot”, you’re a useless one. – Ben]

    • I find it *endlessly* astonishing that the denialistas’ comments, here and other pro-informational climate sites are almost always devoid of reason, thought, or rationale, and only can make use of ad homs and puerile insults. I guess they can only use the tools they have, Ben.

  9. at least I know my standing and am happy in my skin, you on the other hand don’t have the intellect to argue with the big brains but have the ego to want to hold onto their coat tails

    [Oh, we know your standing! It’s true that I’m not qualified (sob!) to advance our scientific understanding of climate. Luckily, I’m smart enough to know that. However I’m well able to swat unscientific mosquitoes like yourself and Anthony. – Ben]

  10. Ben by the looks of you the most you could swat of me is my little finger, as for Anthony he’s way out of your league little man

    [So, the burning question is this: are you twelve years old, or intellectually impaired? It really has to be one or the other. I’ll give you one more chance to comment and then you’re kicked to the curb. – Ben]

  11. Enid please stop bullying poor Ben , he’s got to earn his money some how.
    Must be unemployable though as most of what he blogs shows him up to be a complete idiot

    [“Enid” creates a sock-puppet to praise himself. – Ben]

  12. Just found this yesterday while attempting to discern Anthony Watts actual education.

    Much obliged for this work. Please do keep it up. Mr Watts has certainly been in need of a more exposure and evaluation. If you have a minute, drop in at and scan the “Climate Change” forum. We have a poster who has adopted Anthony Watts and Stephen McIntyre as his honorary same-sex parents. The level of hero worship that Watts collects from a certain societal subset is astounding. I can’t help but think there’s some sort of resonance factor at play…

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