“It really shows what’s been going on in the Arctic – it’s falling apart.”

“It really shows what’s been going on in the Arctic – it’s falling apart.” Anthony Watts tells the kids to get off his lawn, and no they can’t have their baseball back. I’m not sure why Anthony has such a bug about people going to the Arctic and reporting on what they see, but it does seem to make him grouchy.

Stupid 15 year-olds! Photo provided by GE and Scott Draper

15 year-old Parker Liautaud is skiing to the North Pole and naturally tweeting and blogging about it en-route. Somehow this disgusts Anthony. He has reposted Tom Nelson’s blog posting “Another warmist in the Arctic: GE sponsors 15-year-old to promote climate hoax“.

It’s full of snide remarks such as this:

Of course, anybody can go to the North Pole, and blog about it, by paying a tour guide like this one that is with the 15 year old right now.

Anthony Watts and Tom Nelson need to grow up.

Congressional Tipping Point: Not an April Fools Joke

Congressional Tipping Point: Not an April Fools Joke“. Anthony Watts pokes fun at a Democratic Congressman who has cognitive damage from hepatitis and then initially deletes comments that point this out.

It’s way more fun to indulge in some partisan mockery of poorly expressed environmental questions about Guam. Now that’s science!

Catlin Team Averaging 1.7 Miles Per Day – Only 295 Miles Left to Go!

Catlin Team Averaging 1.7 Miles Per Day – Only 295 Miles Left to Go!” Anthony Watts offers more petty sniping (and uncredited image usage) at the Catlin Arctic Survey team. Apparently they’re not moving fast enough for him and their ice measurements haven’t been scientifically random enough. Maybe Anthony will show us how a plump, but red-blooded, San Diegan does it?

Collecting a water sample. Image credit: Martin Hartley

Of course Anthony knows that they are traveling against the movement of the ice and thus their progress is pretty much one step forward, one step back. This has been a reality for every Arctic journey heading north from the Canadian Arctic Islands for the last hundred years. Some years surface expeditions actually lose ground! But that doesn’t suit his condescending intentions, does it?

Spoofing the climate of news

Spoofing the climate of news“. Anthony Watts enjoys some grade-school climate change snark at The Spoof’s website.

Here’s an example of what tickles Anthony’s funny-bone: “Dr. Pachauri spoke briefly to other reporters before posing for more photographs, and was then whisked off in his motorcade to a special meeting of the Railway Engineers Society of India, where he’s to be given a lifetime service award.”

How will he react when he discovers Dramatic Prairie Dog? Or Star Wars Kid? Or LOLcats?

Now this is funny!

Well, at least they didn’t use a lizard

Yawn. Watts Up With That? has been busy trying to build the case that an unsubstantiated prediction about Himalayan glaciers in the IPCC’s 2007 Report means that everything the IPCC has published is wrong.  Of course out here in the real world glaciers almost everywhere are losing mass. Even in the Himalayas! Anthony knows this, but that’s not a fact that suits his purpose. He also thinks it’s clever to suggest that IPCC Chairman Dr. Pachauri looks like a caveman.

Meanwhile, a proper scientific analysis by Menne, et al, 2010 of the data collected and released by the surfacestations.org troopers has shown that contrary to Anthony’s sweeping “conclusions” there is nothing wrong with the USHCN’s weather data, or the regional climate trends derived from it. Read the story here on Skeptical Science. [Update: Poorly sited U.S. temperature instruments not responsible for artificial warming from Dr. Jeff Master’s website is another good analysis of Anthony’s anecdotal data.] Anthony’s response, other than expressions of outrage at the discourtesy towards himself, has been: crickets… He did post a photo of his favorite “bad” weather station site. Supporter and confirmation bias victim Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. has also sniffed about “professional discourtesy” because Menne published before Anthony did. I’m guessing that Pielke doesn’t consider Anthony’s Is the U.S. Surface Temperature Record Reliable?, “interpreting” the same data and printed in 2009 by the Heartland Institute an actual publication. We can agree on that apparently.