Prominent Climategate Figure Threatens Lawsuit over Spoof Video – No Cap-and-Trade Coalition Says “Bring it on”

Prominent Climategate Figure Threatens Lawsuit over Spoof Video – No Cap-and-Trade Coalition Says “Bring it on” This is a funny one, especially because Anthony Watts’ buddy “Charles the Moderator” has done the posting (read to the end). I’m left wondering – is Dr. Mann thin-skinned or are these guys just stupid?

First act: “Minnesotans for Global Warming” (M4GW) create a video that they posted on YouTube called Hide the Decline that defames Dr. Michael Mann with baseless accusations that he falsified climate data. The video also infringes on copyright and exploits Dr. Mann’s image without permission. Pretty much a legal slam-dunk for Dr. Mann. Usually these slimy things are brushed off, but this time Dr. Mann had his lawyers act on the matter as Rush Limbaugh had begun promoting it. M4GW knew they’d been caught out and immediately caved in, but of course the defamatory video had already spread far and wide and had lodged itself in the thoughts of the feeble-minded.

Hilarity! In a defamatory kind of way.

Second act: “Little guy” M4GW turns out to be a limb of the astroturf operation No Cap and Trade, “an alliance of organizations concerned about the devastating impact that a cap-and-trade scheme could have on American families, businesses and the faltering US economy.” They’ve staged a media event, complete with dancing mascots, to announce that they’ve posted the original defamatory video as well as a revised version that presumably substitutes a malicious caricature for the images of Dr. Mann. Why “presumably”? Go to the third act…

Third Act: YouTube pulls the No Cap and Trade version because of different copyright violation charge by JibJab Media.


Denouement: Why didn’t Anthony post this himself? Well he’s been on the wrong end of a copyright violation accusation before, hasn’t he? See this Climate Crock of the Week video and related coverage at Climate Progress.

New weekly feature: WUWT Sea Ice News

New weekly feature: WUWT Sea Ice News“. Anthony Watts give obsessive denialists a weekly destination for wild statements about current sea ice extents. There’s nothing Anthony likes better than to talk about the weather when the topic at hand is actually climate.

In the opening installment, Steven Goddard starts with juvenile remarks about Al Gore and then throws up the usual spray of Arctic sea ice maps. It’s almost “average”! No talk about sea ice volume of course because that’s not a helpful statistic.

From Bonn with Love

From Bonn with Love“. Oooh, this is good. Anthony Watts has posted a blog and video from Count Chocula, I mean The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (“Global Warming Expert”) talking about tolerance! In particular, the lack of it in others. Monckton was recently famous for calling Jewish environmentalists “Nazis”. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth…

He’s also mad that the wealthy nations will foot the bill for an extra two weeks of climate pre-negotiation time in Mexico this December. Taxpayer’s money wasted! Of course the urgency comes from the need to complete the secret ‘world government’ before everyone realises that the whole Climate Change thing is just a made-up excuse to get the real ball rolling.

Also those African delegates can be so cute with their ” charming, old-world courtliness”. Except those “two messily-dressed ladies of uncertain age, with untidy hairdos and a hectoring, bossy manner”.

Count Chocula warns America. Love, love, LOVE the tie!

The video is basically a warning to America that the World Gubmint is coming to take away their freedoms. For no good reason at all.

“It really shows what’s been going on in the Arctic – it’s falling apart.”

“It really shows what’s been going on in the Arctic – it’s falling apart.” Anthony Watts tells the kids to get off his lawn, and no they can’t have their baseball back. I’m not sure why Anthony has such a bug about people going to the Arctic and reporting on what they see, but it does seem to make him grouchy.

Stupid 15 year-olds! Photo provided by GE and Scott Draper

15 year-old Parker Liautaud is skiing to the North Pole and naturally tweeting and blogging about it en-route. Somehow this disgusts Anthony. He has reposted Tom Nelson’s blog posting “Another warmist in the Arctic: GE sponsors 15-year-old to promote climate hoax“.

It’s full of snide remarks such as this:

Of course, anybody can go to the North Pole, and blog about it, by paying a tour guide like this one that is with the 15 year old right now.

Anthony Watts and Tom Nelson need to grow up.

Congressional Tipping Point: Not an April Fools Joke

Congressional Tipping Point: Not an April Fools Joke“. Anthony Watts pokes fun at a Democratic Congressman who has cognitive damage from hepatitis and then initially deletes comments that point this out.

It’s way more fun to indulge in some partisan mockery of poorly expressed environmental questions about Guam. Now that’s science!

Catlin Team Averaging 1.7 Miles Per Day – Only 295 Miles Left to Go!

Catlin Team Averaging 1.7 Miles Per Day – Only 295 Miles Left to Go!” Anthony Watts offers more petty sniping (and uncredited image usage) at the Catlin Arctic Survey team. Apparently they’re not moving fast enough for him and their ice measurements haven’t been scientifically random enough. Maybe Anthony will show us how a plump, but red-blooded, San Diegan does it?

Collecting a water sample. Image credit: Martin Hartley

Of course Anthony knows that they are traveling against the movement of the ice and thus their progress is pretty much one step forward, one step back. This has been a reality for every Arctic journey heading north from the Canadian Arctic Islands for the last hundred years. Some years surface expeditions actually lose ground! But that doesn’t suit his condescending intentions, does it?