Damage control: Greenpeace removes threats

Damage control: Greenpeace removes threats“. I’m not a particular fan of Greenpeace, but I have to laugh at Anthony Watts’ trembling indignation over a climate post on their website that was replaced with an honest and detailed explanation. The original post had a disclaimer of sorts at the start and didn’t go off the deep end until the last paragraph or two of a fairly conventional commentary, but that didn’t stop Watts and Co. from goin’ to town.

“Bullshit” declares Anthony. He knows that they’re still out to get him.

Play on.

Climate Craziness of the Week – Greenpeace posts threats

Climate Craziness of the Week – Greenpeace posts threats“. Greenpeace can talk tough, but Anthony Watts can talk tough right back. He throws opinion polls at ’em. Hard.

Actually, the Greenpeace post is about Micronesia challenging expansion of the Czech Republic’s most polluting coal power plant. When Environment Minister Dusik’s intention to reject the expansion plans was countermanded he resigned, apparently citing pressure from lobby groups and big business.

That part is inconsequential to Anthony.