Kyoto Protocol: Bad Science = Bad Policy

Kyoto Protocol: Bad Science = Bad Policy. Christmas Guest pudding from Ruth Bonnett. Ayn Rand, the novelist and icon of libertarian “thought”, apparently foretold that the Kyoto Protocol would be an attack on Australian farmers. The IPCC is also apparently a tool to “restrict technology” so that we’ll all have to live in caves in the dark and die of starvation.

But what about Nostradamus?

A CARB Christmas

A CARB Christmas. Anthony Watts makes fun of a government agency, the California Air Resources Board, by mocking a proposal (outlaw dark-colored cars to cut air conditioning usage) that was never implemented and a fuel efficiency proposal (60 mpg) that also hasn’t been implemented.

So because something is hard it shouldn’t be tried? Sounds exactly like the resistance to reducing Global Warming. Space flight is kinda tough too.


Contest. On Christmas Eve Charles The Moderator announces a contest designed to make fun of Californian official’s wild-fire warnings. Now that’s what I call having a hate-on for gubmint.

If we have a below normal amount of rain, in the spring we get warnings that it’s going to be severe wildfire season, because the brush is so dry.

If we have an above normal amount of rain we get warnings that it’s going to be severe fire season, because there is so much extra brush.

If we have a normal rainy season we get warnings that’s it’s going to be severe fire season, with some hybrid explanation or an allusion to a previous fire season.

Early Christmas gift from Lisa Jackson: power plant greenhouse gas limits

Early Christmas gift from Lisa Jackson: power plant greenhouse gas limits. Ryan Maue tells us that those criminals at the EPA are abusing their powers and regulating power plant and refinery emissions. Just like every other administration over the last 30 years!

Obama caves on promise, Internet to be regulated by FCC

Obama caves on promise, Internet to be regulated by FCC. Anthony Watts is now a telecommunications expert! The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is enacting weak “Net Neutrality” regulations for internet access that protect service providers but don’t protect consumers.

The immediate question that comes to Anthony’s mind is this:

With this newfound power, how long before it mutates beyond original scope, and websites that are critical of the government begin to be shut down, or simply IP throttled out of meaningful existence?

I would imaging [sic] that site [sic] like this one would be a target, since we don’t report what the government line on climate change is.

Well of course you’d think that if you’re a self-important conspiracy theorist with a hatred of gubmint.

The FCC Net Neutrality regulations are a heavily flawed political compromise. But what else is new? Presumably Anthony’s outrage dovetails neatly with the Republican position. Hmmm… Let Big Businesses charge whatever they want! Don’t do anything because we can’t predict what the future! We can’t trust governments! Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Monckton’s Mexican Missive #3

Monckton’s Mexican Missive #3. Anthony Watts offers more profound insights from the comical Lord Monckton. The UN’s Cancun climate conference is the beginning of a World Government, probably communist, eager to create vast un-answerable bureaucracies! Etc, etc, etc.

Wait, I thought that the crypto-communist climatologists that are conspiring to rule the world received a mortal setback in Copenhagen. Ooh, this wild speculation thing is tricky.

A Fertilizer Trading Market?

A Fertilizer Trading Market?” Anthony Watts uses a University of Maryland report on agricultural practices to smear the failed Chicago Climate Exchange and mutter about governments trying to control the lives of Americans.

From the Multiple Ecosystem Markets in Maryland report:

The researchers conclude that setting up a “trading market,” where farmers earn financial incentives for investing in eco-friendly techniques, would result in a double environmental benefit – reducing fertilizer run-off destined for the Chesapeake Bay, while at the same time capturing carbon dioxide headed for the atmosphere.

Of course howling “bullshit” is the closest Anthony comes to critical thought, so it must be hard for him to resist.