Lindzen: “Earth is never in equilibrium”

"Whenever I see that smiling face, I have to smile myself"

Lindzen: “Earth is never in equilibrium”. Denialist favorite Dr. Richard Lindzen has published an opinion piece in Fredericksburg, Va’s renowned Free Lance-Star and Anthony Watts wants you to know about it! I guess this is a close as it gets to peer-reviewed denialist science.

Here’s some samples of the Professor’s argument.

“we experience temperature changes of tens of degrees in a single day”. We shouldn’t worry about a permanent 2° rise I guess.

“no statistically significant warming for the past 14 years”. I guess Lindzen hasn’t got the bulletin on that boner yet…

“The interests of the environmental movement in acquiring more power, influence and donations are reasonably clear.” and “It is probably no accident that Al Gore himself is associated with such activities.” Ah, Gore Derangement Syndrome and conspiracy theories! Always good for a chuckle.

There’s similar misrepresentative bunk scattered throughout. He finishes with a sneer:

Finally, there are the well-meaning individuals who believe that in accepting the alarmist view of climate change, they are displaying intelligence and virtue. For them, psychic welfare is at stake.