Barack Obama, Climate Scientist

Barack Obama, Climate Scientist (2017-01-09). Anthony Watts’ buddy Willis Eschenbach thinks Science magazine has “beclowned” itself by publishing President Barack Obama’s climate policy paper, The irreversible momentum of clean energy.

Sez Willis, sneering at the President’s “deathless prose”, “January 20th … could you hurry up please?” Yes, all signs point to the Trump presidency as a glorious era of intelligence, respect and rational behaviour. Not to mention a flood of inspirational tweets.

Willis may mock the current President’s interest in the future economy (even though I thought we can’t afford it was a staple denialist stalling tactic since forever ago) but I’ll highlight this viciously partisan paragraph by Obama:

We have long known, on the basis of a massive scientific record, that the urgency of acting to mitigate climate change is real and cannot be ignored. In recent years, we have also seen that the economic case for action—and against inaction—is just as clear, the business case for clean energy is growing, and the trend toward a cleaner power sector can be sustained regardless of near-term federal policies.

In the meantime, try not to let your jealousy eat you from the inside out Willis-the-NOT-racist. We know that Anthony Watts and yourself are the only True Scientists with the only education that counts: a year or two of Community College for Anthony and a B.A. in Psychology for yourself.

Breaking: Japan refuses to extend Kyoto treaty at Cancun

Breaking: Japan refuses to extend Kyoto treaty at Cancun“. Japan, one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases refuses to cut their emissions. Why should they when their trading partner the USA is entering years of Republican obstruction? Make money now, let future generations look after themselves!

Anthony Watts is right that this important, but not for the partisan reasons he is focused on.

Graham comes to his senses, dumps support for climate bill, “Lurch” in a lurch

Graham comes to his senses, dumps support for climate bill, “Lurch” in a lurch. A Republican politician, South Carolina’s Senator Graham, withdraws his support for an energy bill because he doesn’t like an immigration bill. Clearly, the problem was with the energy bill and Sen. Graham as “come to his senses”.

Oh, wait. The Washington Post article actually says that Sen. Graham felt that “only a focused effort on a climate and energy bill could ensure its passage.

Kind of the opposite of Anthony’s headline.

Anthony’s commenters aren’t fooled though, they know that Sen. Graham is a despised “Democrat in Republican clothing.”