If Global Warming Kills Us, Blame the Weatherman?

If Global Warming Kills Us, Blame the Weatherman?” Anthony Watts tries to spin a copy-and-pasted BNET article about George Mason University’s recent study of TV Weathercasters with his own newly-minted ‘maxim’: “Climate doesn’t kill people, weather does.

Just six words, but he still manages to get it wrong. I’d like to hear Anthony actually explain that one.

Science at work?

The gist of the article is that TV Weathercasters are the most visible and (sadly) trusted “scientific” information source for most Americans, but they are poorly qualified and predisposed to resist evidence of Global Warming. 27% of TV Weathercasters actually think Global Warming is “a scam”! The credentials and actions of dear Anthony Watts make him a poster boy for this assessment…