Gather ‘Round, Compromised Journalists

Two posts in a row linking to discredited Times journalist Jonathan Leake! Methinks Anthony Watts has a new man-crush brewing. The Times: Top British scientist says IPCC is losing credibility. Sounds bad, huh? Except Leake has a record of playing for the denialist side of the climate debate. We’ll have to wait for a direct response from Dr. Watson before we can figure this one out. The second, IPCC’s “Africagate” blunder as told by Dr. Richard North, presents an IPCC critic as honest investigator when he is in fact a right-wing think tank operative completely lacking scientific expertise.

Another cold weather!!! post, Snow totals for Washington DC storm, for the stupids who need regular reminders that snow in winter proves that there is no global warming.

Tracking the Earth’s orbit: looking for warming signs is another kick at the “it’s all solar” defense by flashing a new paper by Dr. Rohling in Earth and Planetary Science Letters. The paper interprets sea-level from inferred Red Sea salinity values over time and correlates this with an orbital mechanics theory. Interesting, but surely we should look at it skeptically until we understand why it differs from so many other well-known lines of evidence? Uh oh, Dr. Rohling also explicitly states “Our study is therefore relevant to the long-term climate future, and not so much for the next decades or century.” Maybe Anthony’s audience will be too eager to notice that bit.

New study using satellite data: Alaskan glacier melt overestimated. Apparently melting Alaskan glaciers may have only produced 0.12 mm/year of sea-level rise and not 0.17 mm/year!  Problem solved.

Swapping my lights: fantastic! Anthony blogs about changing to LED light fixtures. He has a big solar array too, maybe he’s getting ready to declare a libertarian paradise? :-)

Munging Madagascar. A guest post by fellow believer Verity Jones who shows a common denialist enthusiasm for plotting numbers without having a clue about what they actually represent and is shocked that the climate conspiracy staff in Madagascar have, according to him, been lazy about sending in their made-up data.

IPCC Gate Du Jour: Aussie Droughtgate. Aussie lunatic journalist Andrew Bolt gets quoted reporting that South Australia’s drought is all down to too much durn sunshine. Take that, global warming!

UCAR: Roof white out helps UHI. Anthony is amused that scientists have studied and characterised the effect of white roofs on local temperature. I would have thought that a “skeptic” would have been a keen supporter of a careful examination of something everyone takes for granted.

Finally, NOAA’s new ‘climate service’ – not a sure thing yet lets us know that Anthony thinks we don’t need no one-stop gubmint climate information. Might get in the way of play fast and loose with the facts.

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