Scientist quits: ‘I don’t want to remain a member of an organization that …screws up science that badly.’

OK, another quick-fire summary of Anthony Watts’ latest missives. I’ll ignore all the “winter storms mean Global Warming is a hoax” tomfoolery that Anthony posts to keep the simple-minded transfixed. The WUWT post referenced in the title is near the bottom of this post…

Sir David King: Half Right on the IPCC and Global Warming Policies, Despite Bad Logic. A political “guest post” by Indur M. Goklany, a right-wing oil IS prosperity! economist.

What NOAA Isn’t Saying About Snow and Ice. Steven Goddard guest posting, muttering darkly about nothing at all.

Prediction: Arctic Ice Will Continue to Recover This Summer. Goddard again splashing charts around and then ignoring them, this time to fabricate an arctic ice prediction from his imagination.

Hansen colleague rejected IPCC AR4 ES as having “no scientific merit”, but what does IPCC do? Anthony misrepresents comments on a report draft as a damning mainstream criticism of the final report.

Climategate: Plausibility and the blogosphere in the post-normal age. Another guest post, this time by Jerome Ravetz, an 80-year-old retired lecturer on the philosophy of science who has lately turned to “environmental consulting”. He starts off with some scientific whoppers and meanders downhill from there.

Brace for the tipping point. Anthony prefixes a UC Davis press release about climate change risks (“Climate ‘Tipping Points’ May Arrive Without Warning, Says Top Forecaster”) with a photoshopped traffic sign.

Pielke responds to Romm and Time. Anthony reports that Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. has some nits to pick over Time Magazine’s Another Snowstorm: What Happened to Global Warming? article, which explains how Anthony’s beloved winter storms fit well with current climate trends. Nothing to say about actual Global Warming though…

Climate “Twilight of the Gods”. The right-wing political journal The National Review takes aim at their ideological opponents and Anthony considers it scientific.

Nature suggests IPCC get an overhaul. Could it be true? Is this the end of the IPCC? Or is it just arm-chair quarterbacking along the lines of who was the best Batman? Anthony; just because someone answers a hypothetical question doesn’t mean they think there’s something actually wrong with the IPCC…

Penn State students to rally for independent investigation of Prof. Michael Mann., a far-right student group, wants to attack someone who isn’t as far-right as they are. Not very science-y, Anthony.

GISS adjustments in Australia. Raw data has again been forced to conform with the desired political result! Or corrected to account for regional and site issues. One or the other…

UEA/CRU and the Royal Society make a really bad PR move. Oh my god, the Royal Society is going to have scientists with relevant credentials review some of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit publications for possible errors! This is such a conspiracy! They’re all scientists! Where are the bloggers?

WUWT named to top 30 science blogs by The Times. The Times has a long history of promoting the denialist side, so this sad factoid just has to be swallowed. This kind of uncritical stupidity is the reason I started this blog.

Editor of Nature forced to resign from climate review panel. A blogger howls about bias, Dr. Phillip Campbell says “bunk” but steps down anyway to end blogger’s the crocodile tears. But Anthony does like to spin things.

New Paper in Science: Sea level 81,000 years ago was 1 meter higher while CO2 was lower. Thus ending Global Warming forever. Um, Anthony, there are many natural factors contributing to sea-level and to atmospheric CO2 levels. They are not all directly linked. They do not produce the kinds and rates of change that our man-made factors are now doing. So the lesson is: it’s great to learn more about natural factors and their timings, but that doesn’t make the new man-made factors disappear…

Scientist quits: ‘I don’t want to remain a member of an organization that …screws up science that badly. Henk Tennekes, an engineer with only meteorological expertise whose “contrary views on global warming forced him into early retirement at age 58” (15 years ago), according to the denialist “institute” ICECAP, quits the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences because they support action to reduce AGW. No doubt he will continue to express himself through the right-wing political organisations ICECAP and the Institute for Science and Public Policy.

NOAA langoliers eat another 1/3 of stations from GHCN database. Guest blogger E.M. Smith reports that the nefarious Climate Conspiracy “Team” are not using every single raw weather station in their cleverly cherry-picked data sets! They’re only using the ones that are consistent! And stable! And usefully distributed!

That’s it for today. Time for a new pot of coffee.

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