Daily Mail: The Jones U-turn

Today’s installment starts with Anthony Watts worrying that some of his favorite “scientists” might have been killed at University of Alabama in Huntsville. Which would clearly be another desperate attempt of the secret world gubmint to prevent noble denialists from revealing the truth. Not to worry though, they were both busy elsewhere doing important research making a video with denialist weatherman John Coleman. Everything’s OK! By the way Anthony; three biologists died.

Next up is this gem from the some scientific geniuses were opposed by their contemporaries, therefore denialists are also geniuses file by half-assed geologist Steven Goddard: Are Scientists Always Smart? Steven discusses the long resistance to the idea of “continental drift” and manages to conclude that resisting evidence of AGW is just like defending evidence of continental drift! No Steven; you’re the one who is squeezing your eyes shut. Continental drift is actually a good case study of scientific progress, too bad it undermines the point you thought you were making…

Congenital Climate Abnormalities. Yet another statistically ignorant round of hand waving, this time by Willis Eschenbach, showing how climate trends in one place prove that there is no global warming trend. Except his example actually shows a… warming trend.

A yawner about 49 States with snow. One more time Anthony: warmer moist air produces higher snowfall, not colder dry air.

Scripps: Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Possibly Triggered by Ocean Waves. Anthony takes the opportunity to prove his ignorance of ice physics. The original paper’s analysis is interesting, but Anthony’s just preparing the ground for a rearguard action on future reports of declining Antarctic ice volume.

Tisdale on the importance of El Nino’s little sister – recharging ocean heat content. Bob Tisdale loves distract the debate by talking about the El Niño and La Niña Pacific Ocean circulation patterns. Well they’re real and they’re actively studied, but they’re short-term… Regardless, look for Anthony to post about this again in another week or two.

Daily Mail: The Jones U-turn. Here’s this episode’s red meat. Anthony tells us that Conspiracist-in-Chief Dr. Phil Jones admits there has been no warming since 1995!!!!!!! Except the Daily Mail article is a lie. What Dr. Jones said was that, because of a variety of factors, the warming that has occurred over the time period of 1995 to 2009 doesn’t quite reach the desired statistical confidence. Dr. Jones was at pains to be honest and factual, but Anthony and his team jump in with both feet to do the opposite.

Phil Jones momentous Q&A with BBC reopens the “science is settled” issues. Right-wing economist Indur M. Goklany tries to dissect Dr. Jones’ scientific responses from a Q&A session sentence by sentence and merely confuses himself.

New paper on mathematical analysis of GHG. Israeli economists adamantly refute AGW with statistics in a submitted, but not yet accepted, paper! Well, that’s settled, another triumph for economics over the reality! [2010-03-06 Update: “Rabett” has turned his attention to this foolishness…]

Christy and McKittrick in the UK Times: doubts on station data. Anthony approves of discredited UK denialist journo Jonathan Leake trying to pump up Christy and McKittrick’s second (third? fourth?) kick at the we can’t trust any of those darn thermometers anyway thing. This is Anthony’s personal obsession after all.

The Snow Line is Moving South. Anthony got this wrong for the twentieth time just a day ago, Steve Goddard shows that he’s a faithful sidekick by going along for the intentionally simplistic ride.

Dalton Minimum Repeat goes mainstream. Anthony just loves the sunspot stuff. It shows… something, apparently. Well, actually it doesn’t.

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