Singer on Climategate Parliamentary Inquiry

Singer's denialist project.

Singer on Climategate Parliamentary Inquiry“. I love it when Anthony Watts quotes Fred Singer. Trained as an electrical engineer, this guy has spent the last thirty years collecting contrarian, anti-regulation causes. CFC’s and UV damage, DDT risks, second-hand smoke, etc, etc. He’s associated with fourteen different anti-regulation “foundations”, he was behind the debunked Leipzig Declaration, and he or his organizations receive significant financing from oil interests and far-right ‘libertarian’ benefactors. When Fred opens his mouth you know that nothing but beautifully constructed bullshit will flow out. He loves the sound of his own voice.

This post is an ‘editorial’ titled “ClimateGate Whitewash” tries to inject some energy into the denialist chant about the British House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee’s ‘Climategate’ Inquiry. The Inquiry was pretty conclusive that the fabricated accusations against Dr. Phil Jones and the Climate Research Unit were groundless. This leaves the denialists with only the tactic of waving their hands wildly and talking loudly about things that the Inquiry didn’t talk about because they weren’t relevant. A pretty low-percentage play if your audience is paying attention.

Singer flails away enthusiastically and completely without evidence:

Only a thorough scientific investigation will be able to document that there was no strong warming after 1979, that the instrumented warming record is based on data manipulation, involving the selection of certain weather stations, [and the de-selection of others that showed no warming], plus applying insufficient corrections for local heating.

Thirty years and he still hasn’t proven a thing.

3 thoughts on “Singer on Climategate Parliamentary Inquiry

  1. Why does *anyone* give credence to Singer? He should have been put out to pasture decades ago… Of course, Watts loves the guy – just goes to show how low Watts will sink. And, trust me (based on personal experience) Watts will sink below the sewer.

  2. Watts has run out of credible ‘sources’ to quote so he has to resort to this. His preferred satellites are showing record temperatures this year once again so he has to make stuff up or try to find the last few cherries to pick, to keep the rabble amused.

    I wonder how much longer Watts can hold out for? He scraped the bottom of the barrel long ago and is now deep in the slime.

  3. My guess is Watt’s will “retire” and WUWT will close down when all the climate metrics go resoundingly in the wrong direction in coming years.

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