“It really shows what’s been going on in the Arctic – it’s falling apart.”

“It really shows what’s been going on in the Arctic – it’s falling apart.” Anthony Watts tells the kids to get off his lawn, and no they can’t have their baseball back. I’m not sure why Anthony has such a bug about people going to the Arctic and reporting on what they see, but it does seem to make him grouchy.

Stupid 15 year-olds! Photo provided by GE and Scott Draper

15 year-old Parker Liautaud is skiing to the North Pole and naturally tweeting and blogging about it en-route. Somehow this disgusts Anthony. He has reposted Tom Nelson’s blog posting “Another warmist in the Arctic: GE sponsors 15-year-old to promote climate hoax“.

It’s full of snide remarks such as this:

Of course, anybody can go to the North Pole, and blog about it, by paying a tour guide like this one that is with the 15 year old right now.

Anthony Watts and Tom Nelson need to grow up.

14 thoughts on ““It really shows what’s been going on in the Arctic – it’s falling apart.”

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  2. [You’ve lost your commenting rights here. I’m letting this through to remind you of that, and so others can enjoy your irrational thought processes. – Ben]

    Ben I hope you are not receiving any Government funding to further this fantasy website, you really should be helping us save the planet from this runaway warming and not chewing the fat here.
    You really are a hero, through your good work the rest of us can look forward to having even less money in our pockets.
    Tax at the airport, tax on food, tax on fuel, tax on everything and all because some climate bods(can’t call you scientists as science is open to debate)lied and then got themselves in a hole they couldn’t get out of.

  3. [This is the problem. One kook comment and the lunatics all flock in. Please spare us your paranoid conspiracy theories. They’re entertaining, but ultimately nothing more than meaningless noise. You’re on notice for deletion. Oh, wait. Maybe this is a joke and I’m just not getting it! – Ben]

    “You really are a hero, through your good work the rest of us can look forward to having even less money in our pockets.”

    I think you are the real hero, casting light onto the huge conspiracy that is the Global warming hoax, the world needs more people to realise that the study of Climate science is a funding scam and plot to take over the Earth, perpetrated and supported by every major Scientific body around the world, as Scientists manipulate satellite, thermometer, chemical and Paleogeological data to construct a case for new world order and massive salary rises.

    • Meant to be a joke, hard to find the right words to describe the unfathomable lunacy of the conspiracy cadre.

  4. Ben, [I trust you are addressing the “fake Ben” commentor. I’ll be editing his name shortly to eliminate his juvenile tactic! – Ben]

    According to US military experts climate change is real and a serious national security issue and the costs of ignoring global wamring are staggering.

    In the “business as usual” solution where emissions of GHGs continue to rise, the following consequences are realistic:

    China and India pass the US as economic superpowers
    Increased immigration
    Higher food costs
    Greater government subsidies (higher taxes)
    Higher insurance rates
    Increased authoritarian governments
    Increased terrorism
    Nuclear proliferation
    Regional and global wars between countries with nuclear weapons

    See: How to Talk to a Conservative about Climate Change for the truth and not the hysterics.

      • Some great talking points indeed.

        So, the US Military in on the scam as well?

        Says the denier: “Um, er…”

        [Maybe Obama the crypto-Muslim Nigerian commie has ordered them to say it or face the firing squad! – Ben]

  5. Just found this site – great work, and fun site (I occasionally check out WUWT to see just how bad and ridiculous it’s gotten but end up so frustrated with Anthony Watts’ awful combination of incompetence and ego that I return to ignoring him for a period).

    And I’ll vouch for the above comment (re scientists NOT getting rich from research grants). I’ve been in this field (atmospheric sciences) for 20+ years and have yet to find a way to get rich off of my grants. Absurdity….

    Thanks for taking the time to document the idiocy.

  6. I’ve also just found this sound, and have to say great work. A blow-for-blow take down of the world’s most famous denier.

    Great work, I’ll be back again :)

  7. Thes snide posts from Anthony really annoy me. Its one thing to try and attack peer-reviewed science – then you’ve got facts and figures you can use to dismantle his arguments. But this is basically just childish drivel, eagerly lapped up by his horde of commenters.

    I read his post through a couple of times and I still don’t get what the point of it was. He keeps hammering on about the fact that he temperature was -34C like the fact that the Arctic isn’t as hot as middle america disproves global warming or something…

  8. Hi

    I note that in Willis Eschenberg [armchair scientist]’s response to Walt Meier [real scientist]’s response to WE’s carefully framed questions, Eschenberg makes some extraordinary claims”

    From my own experience, I wrote a paper explaining the problems with a study by Michael Mann that had been published in Geophysical Research Letters (GRL). His study claimed that the best way to extend a smooth (Gaussian or otherwise) to the end of a series was to pad the end of the series by reflecting it around both the x and y axes. (This results in forcing the smooth through the last point of the series, which is absolutely the last thing you want to do).

    The paper was rejected by GRL because one reviewer said I was too hard on poor Mike. So I set off to re-write it.

    Within a few months, Mann published a new paper in GRL on the subject, incorporating my ideas as his own. Coincidence? You be the judge

    I think we need citations no? This is a serious accusation of scientific plagarism. Mr Eschenberg – please cite the paper by Professor Mann in which he steals your ideas, and would you please quote verbatim the review comment that you paraphrase as you ‘being hard’ on the distinguished Professor?

    I am more than a little puzzled by all this. Assuming the accuracy of what Eschenberg has written, why has he not, at the very least, written a letter to GRL. After all, he has a verifiable audit trail that demonstrates that a senior academic used his intellectual property to advance his own career. In that position I’d be hopping mad, jumping up and down, waving my fist and threatening lawsuits….

    Or have I misunderstood the sense of his remarks?

    [I’m taking the weekend off (sort of…), but I’ll be looking at that post soon. – Ben]

  9. “I am more than a little puzzled by all this.”

    As you get to know Willis, it becomes less puzzling and more humorous and perhaps sad. Willis really believes himself to be a great scientist, and has claimed to have done better science than Mann and Hansen, with their 150+ peer-reviewed papers and decades of research. Meanwhile, as you talk to him, you realize he is not even remotely science literate, flubbing basic concepts like statistical significance and the null hypothesis.

    His attempts to “do” science are even more embarrassing. He will basically fantasize about something or other, form an intuition about it, and draw a graph. Then, based on the appearance of the graph, he will pronounce a scientific revolution.

    This fantasy about Mann stealing his work is consistent with his larger delusional framework. I’m tempted to call it the Dunning–Kruger effect on steroids, but it goes beyond even that. All kidding aside, I think we’re looking at NPD*.


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