WUWT Sea Ice News #2

“. Steven Goddard Photoshops some sea ice extent maps and enthusiastically declares “Arctic ice extent is normal.” Well, nearly. Naturally he only wants to talk about the one data series that briefly popped above “normal” and not about the others, which… don’t.

Steven’s also excited that Arctic weather patterns may produce an anomalous high sea ice extent next winter. I can see that he’s going to wear himself out thrashing wildly back and forth about weather. It’s irrelevant. Why was the record 2007 sea ice extent minimum a cause for concern? Because it was part of a climate trend.

Some other rhetorical master-strokes: mocking a 40 year-old old newspaper report, and embedding a juvenile YouTube clip from the film Airplane!

2 thoughts on “WUWT Sea Ice News #2

  1. The summer of 2007 (lowest ice extent) was not as ominous as the summer of 2008 (lowest ice volume). The summer of 2009 was anecdotedly (“full speed ahead”) also a period of low ice volume.

    Serious observers (those who have placed bets on the year of the first ice free summer) are probably looking at ice volume.

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