Kerry Emanuel and Richard Lindzen: the climatic odd couple

Kerry Emanuel and Richard Lindzen: the climatic odd couple“. Anthony Watts says that Richard Lindzen is “easy to talk to and easy to like” (to me, he always looks painfully constipated). Anthony offers no direct opinion on Lindzen’s MIT colleague, fellow conservative and apparent ex-friend, Kerry Emanuel. Instead he pastes in a Boston Globe article.

Apparently Kerry Emanuel has abandoned climate change ‘skepticism’ and now says “I don’t see how a climate scientist can look at the evidence and not see risk“! He also says Lindzen’s recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece was”irresponsible and misleading”! Gosh.

I love the standard defeatist quote from Roger Pielke Jr.: “If these two guys can’t agree on the basic conclusions of the social significance of [climate change science], how can we expect 6.5 billion people to?” Always looking for the silver lining, eh Roger?

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