Extraterrestrial Global Warming

Extraterrestrial Global Warming“. Anthony Watts hints at the idiotic denialist idea that other planets are warming too, so Earth’s Global Warming (which isn’t happening!) is natural too. This is deliberately ignorant and wrong.

3 thoughts on “Extraterrestrial Global Warming

  1. So far, so good. They haven’t turned the moon into an explicit skeptic argument.

    Most people would want to keep their astronomy, or their astrology, untainted by climate skeptics. There’s no need to remember which skeptic argument goes with which heavenly body. Just remember the Skeptic Argument summary page (with links) at Skeptical Science.


    #17 Mars is warming

    #48 Nepturne is warming

    #49 Jupiter is warming

    #50 Pluto is warming

    Also see, “Global warming on other planets in the solar system”


    And, “Climate change on Jupiter”


  2. Yeah, 4 years of data from one lunar site and they claim warming and it’s gotta be the Sun! But the thousands of temp stations on Earth recording for over a hundred years are not to be trusted…

    And then they extend the idiocy to other planetary bodies with absolutely no regard for the the distance those bodies are from the Sun and the amount of solar energy increase needed at those distances to produce the alleged temp increases. How can anybody point to Pluto, which receives such a tiny amount of solar energy in comparison to that received on Earth? Are they that clueless to the consequences for the Earth of a solar radiation increase big enough to noticeably affect Pluto’s temperature? We’d be fried.
    Of course, I’m not surprised. WUWT is such a joke.

  3. I believe a review of the results obtained from these probes and what remained of the actual raw data was done recently in 2010.

    The actual pdf can be found here. It says it all.

    [Thanks for the link. – Ben]

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