Sea Ice Graphs Have Limited Predictive Value

Sea Ice Graphs Have Limited Predictive Value“. Steven Goddard decides that since the sea ice charts aren’t illustrating his desired climate trend he’d better start deprecating them. Funny, for a few weeks there he thought they were definitive! Now, they don’t tell you anything until August. Now he admits that:

The fact that April, 2010 had the highest extent in the DMI record tells us little or nothing about the summer minimum.

As a backup, he posts a photo of Barrow, Alaska with dirty-looking snow. Therefore all increased Arctic snow or ice melt is due to dirt, not Global Warming. Got it.

1 thought on “Sea Ice Graphs Have Limited Predictive Value

  1. Its painful to witness the too obvious sleight of logic that Steve is forced to perform. To slip from a discussion of the future (‘predictive, ‘forecasting’, current/September correlation, NSIDC’s estimate) to a concurrent (so, not predictive, and therefore not relevant) correlation. Its all very sad, like dirty snow.

    As expected, he ignores the obvious. For sea ice in the Arctic or the ice cube in your glass, the best predictor of melting is ice volume. See the current ‘Arctic Ice Volume Anomaly and Trend‘ graph from the Polar Science Center (PIOMAS).

    Its discussed at Climate Progress (May 13 ,2010)

    And at Hot Topic (April 27, 2010)

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