Art Horn: a remarkable statement from NOAA

Art Horn: a remarkable statement from NOAA“. Anthony Watts wants us to know that right-wing partisan website Pajamas Media’s meteorologist, Art Horn, shares his obsession, and outrage, over weather station trivia.

The following remarkable statement now appears on the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) site:

For detecting climate change, the concern is not the absolute temperature — whether a station is reading warmer or cooler than a nearby station placed on grass — but how that temperature changes over time.

Welcome to 1950, Art! You too Anthony. This has always been true. That’s the difference between studying weather and studying climate.

Sigh. One day the penny will drop. And rattle around for hours.

P.S. Why do I keep looking at “Art Horn” and seeing “ad hom”?

2 thoughts on “Art Horn: a remarkable statement from NOAA

  1. What is it about the term anomaly that just doesn’t get through to these people?
    My best guess is if they think or believe one item isn’t completely correct, then everything that follows is wrong.
    Maybe that’s why they don’t admit to, change the subject, or simply ignore when their own mistakes are pointed out to them.
    There is a real disconnect in the reasoning ability of these people.

    [“I wouldn’t have see it if I didn’t believe it.” – Ben]

  2. ENTRY FOR BEST ‘SURFACESTATION RESPONSE’ from Climate Progress, Jan 28, 2010

    Watts not to love: New study finds the poor weather stations tend to have a slight COOL bias, not a warm one. Analysis of actual U.S. data disagrees with Anthony Watts’ primary conclusion.

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