Watts Up With Nuuk?

Watts Up With Nuuk? Ooohhhh, a weather station in Greenland has some weird values! You’re right Anthony Watts, this means we can’t trust any of them! Oh, wait it was just a charting error. The data is actually fine. But thanks for the 3400 word rant about CLIMAT, METAR, and the glory days of weather reporting by teletype. And all the photos from flickr.

Interesting note: Anthony’s post marks the subtle return from exile of Steven Goddard. Perhaps Anthony thinks we have short memories.

Proving, of course, that there is no Global Warming.

How not to measure temperature, in the Solomon Islands

How not to measure temperature, in the Solomon Islands. OMG, there’s a weather station at the Henderson Field in the Solomon Islands! OMG, jet planes travel sort of near it some times! Same old same old from Anthony Watts. Irrelevant when he was trying to get traction with his amateur surfacestations.org project, irrelevant now.

Do passing jets corrupt this Solomon Island weather station's readings? Doubt it.

But it does remind the troops that them scientists can’t be trusted.

Arctic isolated versus “urban” stations show differing trends

Arctic isolated versus “urban” stations show differing trends. Anthony Watts has a serious man-crush on anyone who shares his obsession with weather station micro-analysis. Today’s candidate is mechanical engineer Pierre Gosselin, who loves the “gate” suffix and knows that “climate change” is a religion. He sets us all straight on how them dang climate scientists have it all wrong.

Correction: the analysis is by Pierre Gosselin’s “guest author” Ed Caryl, whose credentials seem limited to being a balding white male who likes to parrot that Antarctic ice is expanding. But that’s better than most of Anthony’s esteemed sources.

Apparently any collection of more than two people constitutes an urban setting and hence all that Arctic warming must be discounted as the product of the notorious Urban Heat Island effect! Except there isn’t an Urban Heat Island bias in the weather station records…

All the usual cherry-picking and statistical ignorance (“Looks like an awfully good fit”) are present. Arbitrary selection of “useful” weather stations, comparing carefully chosen “peak to peak” comparison points, reams of amateur photos and charts, uninformed mutterings about station histories, invoking long-duration natural cycles that we should wait out for better understanding.

Noise and dishonesty. Amusingly, Gosselin’s own website is called No Tricks Zone.

What if GISS Holes were Pink?

What if GISS Holes were Pink?” Steven Goddard deliberately confuses temperature anomalies with absolute temperature in this post. Guess what: the Arctic is still colder than the tropics even though it has warmed more relatively. Steven knows this, but he enjoys pretending he doesn’t.

He also enjoys grumbling about the Goddard Institute for Space Studies’ global temperature model; not enough locations to be trusted! (How many would be enough?)

Art Horn: a remarkable statement from NOAA

Art Horn: a remarkable statement from NOAA“. Anthony Watts wants us to know that right-wing partisan website Pajamas Media’s meteorologist, Art Horn, shares his obsession, and outrage, over weather station trivia.

The following remarkable statement now appears on the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) site:

For detecting climate change, the concern is not the absolute temperature — whether a station is reading warmer or cooler than a nearby station placed on grass — but how that temperature changes over time.

Welcome to 1950, Art! You too Anthony. This has always been true. That’s the difference between studying weather and studying climate.

Sigh. One day the penny will drop. And rattle around for hours.

P.S. Why do I keep looking at “Art Horn” and seeing “ad hom”?

Study: Melting sea ice major cause of warming in Arctic

Study: Melting sea ice major cause of warming in Arctic“. Anthony Watts tries to distract from a Nature climate paper [update: PDF here.] by muttering about transient temperature recording errors that never actually enter the climate data.

Dr. James Screen of the University of Melbourne reports that Arctic climate change is driven more by declining sea ice than by warmer air circulating up from lower latitudes.

Sea ice 2007 minimum. NASA

Inside The Eureka Weather Station

Inside The Eureka Weather Station“. Anthony Watts has an exposé on the suddenly notorious Eureka arctic weather station in Nunavut, Canada. OMG, that crazy temperature spike that Anthony and Co. were ranting about as obviously bad data was real! Oops.

The weather station manager has even provided photos and answered questions! They’re not idiots after all! But Anthony will no doubt have 300 nits to pick based on this new information.

This is looking like a pretty eager-to-please, open-door conspiracy.

Dial “M” for mangled – Wikipedia and Environment Canada caught with temperature data errors.

Dial “M” for mangled – Wikipedia and Environment Canada caught with temperature data errors.” Anthony Watts finds another report of cherry-picked errors in raw airport temperature data again, this time by “Ecotretas” about the Canadian High Arctic community of Eureka, Nunavut. Darn those human beings and their inconsistent data entry! Or those malfunctioning gadgets! Or maybe those trucks running right beside the thermometer! Or something.

These kinds of data quality errors are corrected before being used in climate modeling. Hence irrelevant to the Global Warming debate. Anthony almost figures it out here (italics mine):

[Here is where it really gets strange, I’ve added two screencaps from Environment Canada, on for the monthly data, another for the daily data from July 14th, 2009. They don’t match! The 20.9C value never appears in the July 14th hourly data. Click images below to enlarge, EC’s July 2009 Monthly report on the left, July 14th, 2009 daily/hourly data on the right. Perhaps EC corrected the error in the daily/hourly data, but missed the monthly?  – Anthony]

Also, as a geologist and a Canadian, I always laugh when people like Anthony get confused by map projections. According to him the Eureka airport data is “responsible for the very big stripe on the very top of Canada.” Um, no. It looks that way because the Earth is being represented using the cylindrical Mercator projection method, which distorts (magnifies) polar regions.