Bizzarothink in Goreville

Bizzarothink in Goreville“. Anthony Watts tries to accuse Al Gore of hypocrisy. Gore writes “Stop Censoring News From The Gulf” but won’t let the press attend a conference keynote speech! Oh, snap!

Is there a difference between a public national crisis and a private speech? Well, maybe.

3 thoughts on “Bizzarothink in Goreville

  1. Al Gore’s appearance at a climate conference would be newsworthy–if he’d promised them something new.

    It’s bizzaro that anyone would be interested in him elsewhere. Except for this WUWTian bread-and-circus coliseum. The boss is away. Nothing is happening. Gore was a hit last week. All we need is a pretext to send him to the commenters, again, this week.

    [It’s like ringing the dinner bell… – Ben]

  2. Al Gore is one of the biggest liars ever to open his mouth, doesn’t want to engage anyone in debate yet opens up his pockets so the cash can still fill them.
    Had to be an American really as you dickheads think you got all the answers

    [Whatever. – Ben]

  3. Just for the record, Mr. Gore has done more to elevate the issue of global warming and cause it to be taken seriously by the public than any other American politician or public figure. The folks who use his name as a pejorative are the same ones who made a campaign against the Clintons out of Vince Foster’s suicide, or touted the nonexistent Obama death panels, and they deserve roughly the same amount of serious attention, i.e., none. (My personal opinion, not my organization’s–its name is mentioned so that I cannot be accused of subterfuge.)

    [No argument from me! Al Gore has made real contributions to the public debate over Global Warming. It’s illuminating that the denialists use him as the focus for their daily “two minutes hate”. – Ben]

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