Oh no! Greenland glacier calves island 4 times the size of Manhattan

Oh no! Greenland glacier calves island 4 times the size of Manhattan. Anthony Watts returns to a favorite dishonest pastime – mocking environmental reports. The Petermann Glacier in Greenland has calved an “ice island” four times the size of Manhattan into the Nares Strait.

Petermann Glacier calves an ice island! Source: U. of Delaware.

The last time something similar happened was in 1962. If something has ever happened before it can’t be happening now because of Global Warming. Is that the message Anthony? After all, there were no SUV’s back then, right?

10 thoughts on “Oh no! Greenland glacier calves island 4 times the size of Manhattan

  1. “Oh no! Greenland glacier calves island 4 times the size of Manhattan.” (WUWT,Aug6,2010)

    Anthony’s response sounds military: glacier retreats are OK. But no melting.

    PATRICK LOCKERBY (on July17,2010)……….

    “Judging from historic maps and images, the normal behavior of the Petermann ice tongue was the formation of a concave front at the fjord mouth. Over recent years, it has retreated. Much of the tongue is now detached from the walls of the fjord. Tidal forces will flex the tongue up and down: wind, currents and ice floe impacts will all exert at least a small lateral force on the tongue. It will continue to thin from melting.”

    “…I predict some dramatic calving this year.”


  2. Ordinary Fool: thanks for linking to my forecast.

    WUWT August 06 links to a source dated same day. I was the first person to report this calving – August 5th 2010 09:43 AM server time on the science blog site science20.com


    Another blog also posted before any news releases:

    In comments to both articles the ice island was estimated to be 250km2. Predictions by others were of 100 – 150km loss ‘soon’. My prediction did not state the area but showed a graphic of expected loss “any day now” which is very close to the amount and shape of the ice island.

    NOAA gives a figure of 253km2 for this glacial ice island. The ice islands cited for 1962 were ice shelves – a different type of ice. This amount of glacier calving is entirely without precedent.

    Thank you for helping to counteract the counterfactual garbage at WUWT.

  3. Hi Ben,

    Any plans to counter this nonsense?


    Watts is getting confused with anomalies again it seems, or rather, the lack of anomalies in the Kola graphic. Hint to Tony, you have to compare apples with apples. Had he done so, he would have noticed that the Kola data show more warming than the N. hemisphere proxy data over the same time period.

    And this utter nonsense:


    [I’ll try to cover them! – Ben]

  4. Ben,

    Are you aware that you can add a Twitter button to your posts for instant Tweets? It can be added by going to the Dashboard > Appearance > Extras > Show a Twitter “Tweet Button” on my posts checkbox

    [Good idea! – Ben]

  5. Please tell me youre coming back, brah

    [I’m just enjoying the end of summer and working too much, all at the same time. Silly Anthony had got the short end of the stick. I’ll be back soon! – Ben ]

  6. Hmmm, has Ben become a sceptic? Not many writings here anymore :-)

    [I’m enjoying a fantastic summer here in Canada. The kind that will probably soon be remembered as a harbinger, but this year, it’s very pleasant. And how many ways can Anthony Watts and his platoon of idiots same the same five stupid things without me losing interest? I need to find a way of building a check-list of Anthony’s BS and just updating it!

    Entertainingly, it seems that Anthony is now starting to realise that enthusiastic contributor Steven Goddard is WAY more trouble than he’s worth, Tom Fuller is going off the deep end, and Lomberg is suddenly embracing the cause of fighting global warming.

    Good times. -Ben]

  7. Ah, Anthony’s factually challenged total bloopers and howlers just keep on coming!

    Meanwhile down under in Oz. We too have an unfortunate female equivalent of Anthony Watts, which goes by the name of Joanne Nova. She is the wife of the notorious Oz climate denier David Armstrong.

    Sadly , poor Joanne became upset when a real scientist from the real world took her so called skeptics handbook apart showing the wide variety of bloopers, deliberate errors, information taken out of context, howlers and logic bombs which populate the book from cover to cover.

    Keep up the good work, some really big science fact challenged bloopers are on the way, even now as we speak Ben.

    [Isn’t Joanne also worked up about a fantasized world economic conspiracy? Nutty, – Ben]

  8. Hi Ben , you seem to have gone very quiet, is all this getting you down.
    Must be heartbreaking to see the walls come tumbling down.
    Smidt and Mann are just digging themselves deeper and deeper, the politicians realise now that the majority of people can see through this scam and will not be fooled into accepting massive taxation to fund a none problem.
    I ask again where is the accelerated warming that you warned us of years ago?
    Bye bye Ben

    [I presume there’s an implied “Dr.” in your fake name? Thanks for dropping by with a fresh box of tissues with which to dab away my tears! -Ben

    P.S. When did I warn about “accelerated warming”?]

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