How not to measure temperature, in the Solomon Islands

How not to measure temperature, in the Solomon Islands. OMG, there’s a weather station at the Henderson Field in the Solomon Islands! OMG, jet planes travel sort of near it some times! Same old same old from Anthony Watts. Irrelevant when he was trying to get traction with his amateur project, irrelevant now.

Do passing jets corrupt this Solomon Island weather station's readings? Doubt it.

But it does remind the troops that them scientists can’t be trusted.

6 thoughts on “How not to measure temperature, in the Solomon Islands

  1. Umm…when I last looked, jet engines had a hot bit at the back and I’m told they work by sending lots of very hot bits out of the back.

    If a very hot bit coming out of the back hits a thermometer, won’t the thermometer show an artificially high reading?

    And so isn’t it a valid concern that such an effect might occur..and hence cause false maxima to be recorded?

    [Practically speaking, no it’s not a concern and Anthony knows it. – Ben]

    • Sure, it’s a valid concern that that MIGHT have some effect on temperature recording. That sounds like a great hypothesis to test. If you’re Anthony, you skip the testing and just insinuate that it DOES have an effect. If you’re a scientist, you test that hypothesis by comparing the records of “poor” sites like this one to “good” sites without jet engines and tarmac. When you do that you find that poor siting doesn’t induce a false warming trend.

  2. what a crappy site, WUWT is a million time better and contribute something to society,not piss taking
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  3. Riiight. And why is there a temperature station at an airport? Oh, that would be because pilots and air traffic controllers want to know what the weather is like – at the airport. These people are clever enough to qualify as pilots or engineers or whatever, but they’re too stupid to know that planes produce hot exhaust.

    Might I suggest that people whose lives, literally, depend on getting this stuff right at any given moment have a keen interest in ensuring that the temperature (and wind and visibility and all those other things) is correctly recorded.

    What a lot of rot.

  4. It is a strange time when people discussing temperature measurements cannot agree that a measuring station should be placed well away from jet exhaust.

    [Really? I think the take-home here is that the station is far enough away unless you need to find a reason to argue about it. = Ben]

  5. I would like to claim some authority on this subject – because I have looked at many photographs of bad stations on this very website. And I do not see any of those things that, I have read, compromise them: pavement, A/C exhaust, barbecues, gravestones.

    O.F. says its O.K.

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