Sea Ice News #31

Sea Ice News #31“. Anthony Watts discusses Joe Bastardi’s idiotic half-cocked accusation of fraud in the NSIDC’s Sea Ice data. You know your ‘team-mates’ are becoming a liability when even Anthony has to walk back their claims and even try to minimize the damage by admitting things like: “eyeballing can be an error prone activity, and a risky bet.

Anthony has the gall to lay the final blame on the NSIDC for not publishing their daily data. Why, because they release data on a weekly basis, an over-eager denialist might jump to a rash conclusion!

Eyeballing is the only tactic Anthony’s can use to pretend he has a factual point in the Global Warming discussion, isn’t it? Oh, there’s cherry-picking too.

3 thoughts on “Sea Ice News #31

  1. “Sea Ice News # 31” (WUWT, Dec 5, 2010)

    Anthony may criticize the NSIDC for not updating its sea ice extent data every day. But he wouldn’t have liked those dailies. From its Dec 6 report:

    “Arctic sea ice grew more slowly than average in November, leading to the second-lowest ice extent for the month. At the end of November, Hudson Bay was still nearly ice free.”

    The #1 lowest November extent was in 2006, which was followed by the lowest summer extent, in 2007. Note that there is now less of the thicker multi-year ice than there was then.

  2. “I’ll echo Joe Bastardi in saying that my contact at NSDIC, Dr. Walt Meier, has been “above board” with me and maintains an open line of communication. This is despite our differences of opinion on the sea ice. The fact that we can communicate in a friendly and cordial way despite our difference in opinion, is why you’ll find guest posts from Dr. Meier here on WUWT, such as this one wrapping up the 2010 melt season.”

    Notice the slight implication that it would be open season on Dr Meier if he ignored Watts and his blog.

    Things start making a lot more sense at WUWT if you consider the motive is not to be an outlet of climate denial, but the motive to be getting the most reads.

    As such getting “famous” people to guest post is a sought after thing. Hence offers to Gavin to guest post. It’s all about the blog.

  3. So Steve tells me in the artificial world he lives in, the Arctic sea ice is now recovering.

    Let us now have a look at some of the figures from the real real world the vast majority of us live in, found over at Climate Progress here.

    From satellite data and other information the calculated volume of sea ice for July/September was a mere 27,770 cubic kilometers. Fast forward to same period 2009 was a huge massive increase (decrease actually) to 7,958 cubic kilometers. Can Steve tell us why minus is much bigger than positive?

    I wonder, does Steve Goddard know the difference between volume, mass, plus or minus or even reality in the real world? (face palm)

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