Sea Ice News #33

Sea Ice News #33. Anthony Watts tells us that the ice is coming back. Global Warming is over! Too bad the trends haven’t actually changed. Still, keep talking about it. If you really want Sea Ice News, go to the National Snow and Ice Data Center and ignore Anthony’s spin.

Figure 3. Monthly December ice extent for 1979 to 2010 shows a decline of 3.5% per decade. Credit: National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Also, why are “residents of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic asking what happened to the sea ice cover this year”? (Climate Central) As NSIDC director and senior scientist Mark Serreze says, “These are areas which should’ve frozen over in late November and they’re still marine at this point, which is very unusual.”

5 thoughts on “Sea Ice News #33

  1. Now that science has come to a better understanding of exactly where the “Arctic” is the ice is doing just fine!

    When a post contains the phrase “I’m repeating it here verbatim” it generally means there’s bad news ahead from a “There’s nothing happening and it’s all caused by the sun and the oceans” perspective.

    [Yes, “defining away the problem” is an entertaining denialist habit. – Ben]

  2. That of Hudson and Baffin is not ‘unusual’.

    It is unique. Totally unique.

    Aside, Ben, I’ve become infected with your meme ‘It snows somewhere, thus disproving global warming’. Thanks!

    [I can’t really take credit for “It snowed somewhere!”, you-know-who deserves the recognition, I just… shortened it. – Ben]

    • I think you will have to accept the credits entirely. I-know-who would never speak that elementary conclusion.

  3. So if the sea ice extent in the Arctic Ocean is allegedly increasing as Steve/Anthony claim it to be so.

    If we go here to “polar Science Center”, then why is the actual volume showing a continued downward spiral trend as shown here :-

    Does Anthony, the winner of the inaugural “BS Science Award 2010”, seem to think everyone takes all his extraordinary claims without fact checking first?(scratches ones head)

    • Everyone who matters, like large volumes of electorate, seem to take those extraordinary claims without checking the facts. Excuse many of them, I do, because they just don’t have the time, energy or education.

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