Video analysis and scene replication suggests that Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project fabricated their Climate 101 video “Simple Experiment”

Video analysis and scene replication suggests that Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project fabricated their Climate 101 video “Simple Experiment” (2011-09-28). Some awesome CSI-style investigation by Anthony Watts hisself! The recent CO2 “experiment” (well, demonstration) on Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project was all fake! Also the Algore is fat and Bill Nye wears a lab coat.

Come on Anthony, say it! “Zoom in. Now… enhance.”

After Anthony’s Zapruder-style analysis and mail-order recreation of the “fake” CO2 set-up he declares:

The only conclusion one can make from these four points is that the video of the “simple experiment” is a complete fabrication done in post production.

You know, he’s hit in the only possible explanation. Thus proving once and for all, again, that Global Warming is a lie! After-all The Longest Day, Gone with the Wind and Titanic were (probably) done in a single continuous take, why not every other piece of video?

Buried in Anthony’s howling about fake experiments not proving that CO2 is a “greenhouse gas” is the quiet admission that CO2 is actually a greenhouse gas. Because only a complete scientific illiterate would claim otherwise. But pay no attention to that awkward detail, huh?

So after Anthony’s furious nitpick accusations and his reader’s chorus of “brilliant!”, what are we left with? Anthony Watts hates Al Gore with a terrier-like obsession. Treat his occasional pleas for civility and objectivity as the fig-leaves they are.

Footnote: Want to see a 96 minute single take film? Check out Russian Ark.

Update 2011-10-01: There are some entertaining comments on Anthony’s efforts over at Media Matters, I like this one: “If you’re shocked to find out that real volcanoes have NO baking soda inside them, you just might be a Republican.”

12 thoughts on “Video analysis and scene replication suggests that Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project fabricated their Climate 101 video “Simple Experiment”

  1. I think Anthony should also analyse in depth the shark swimming past the window a couple minutes later in the same segment.

    I do not possess his forensic skills, but I am pretty sure the weight of the water would prove too much for average domestic glass. I suspect Al Gore himself mocked up this scene using Windows Movie Maker in a crude attempt at scaremongering.

    If he could demonstrate this to be so, on camera, I for one, would cease believing 100% of the world’s professional scientific associations when they say that AGW is likely a dangerous reality.

    Over to you, Anthony.

  2. Anthony’s post should be watched by anyone who has the slightest doubt that’s he’s anything but a climate science denier. Rather than simply attempt to replicate the experiment, as any real scientist (professional or amatuer) would want, Anthony jumps into a world of conspiracy theories to prove something having nothing to do with science. It’s laughable: the guy cannot even stick to a simple scientific experiment. The fact that this generated so many comments from his followers only cements the delusional views of Watts and his readers.

    [Anthony constantly tries to frame himself as an honest participant in the climate debate, but every time he opens his mouth he shows otherwise. – Ben]

    • His post reminded me of the innumerable “Moon Landings Were Faked!!1” screeds that litter the internet.

      [“Neil”, you of all people have a vested interest In perpetrating THE HOAX, how can we trust you? – Ben]

    • “Anthony jumps into a world of conspiracy theories”

      actually, he proves FRAUD.


      [Don’t you mean “Sincerely, Moron”? All Anthony has done is show that the video was “produced”, just like everything ever. – Ben]

  3. Perhaps Anthony should watch this from RC and other places

    [Cute! Sadly I think the nasty denialist comments starting to appear on this nine year-old girl’s YouTube video presages a short public presence. – Ben]

  4. Funnily enough, while they were all happy enough to declare that it was faked because of the multiple takes (they could tell because of teh pixels!) but none of them seemed terribly keen on actually running the experiment and finding out what would happen.

    I wonder why not?

  5. I just watched the cassette over at Media Matters and I don’t think there was a real person driving the train. More warmist lies!

    John McManus

    [Suddenly, I’m convinced. – Ben]

  6. That post was hilarious… It reads like somone did a parody of his analytical skills as a joke. Haha.. Anyway, how does a guy with “20 years in television broadcasting” not get that this was never intended to be taken as an actual experiment? And the best science website? What a joke that is.

    [I know a guy who spent 20 years getting through High School. I have the same opinion of him as I do of Anthony. – Ben]

  7. I’m starting to think that Watt’s is taking the piss out of his audience: he used a portable CO2 meter that uses the IR absorption of CO2 to measure its concentration. He even linked to the spectra.

    [Some how I doubt Anthony’s in on even his own joke… – Ben]

  8. Hey guys,

    [Remember when your posts were banned here for being stupid and nasty? I do. – Ben]


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