The IPCC gives me a shock

The IPCC gives me a shock” (2011-12-16). Anthony Watts boasts that as eminent ‘citizen-scientist’ he’s been appointed to the IPCC:

I’ve been appointed as an expert reviewer for the IPCC AR5. I’ve viewed the invitation letter and it’s the real deal.

His “qualification”? He found a web page and entered his e-mail address.

Nobody recruited me, I was not invited by IPCC to apply, I was given a tip by another skeptic on the application page – Anthony

Anthony’s also been appointed customer-in-line #53 by his local butcher and has found the mailing address for submitting  letters-to-the-editor at the Carmichael Times. It’s the trifecta!

His readers (some of them have received the golden ticket too) don’t seem to understand the difference between writing a scientific report and being allowed to whine about same. Are they one of the cool kids now or is it a trap?

Obituary: Ernst Georg Beck

Obituary: Ernst Georg Beck. Ernst Georg Beck, teacher, blogger and “co-founder of the European Institute for Climate and Energy” and contributor to the disregarded journal Energy & Environment has died. His research interest was to collate historical CO2 chemical measurements, apparently regardless of their source or methodology (they’re all over the place!) and will apparently be “the final nail in the AGW coffin.” If only he’d lived to see the day?

For Anthony Watts an anti-IPCC rant disguised as an obituary is the perfect response. He even lets through comments that ponder whether Beck’s cancer was “given to him in some shape or form by those with a vested interest in such things as global governance.” Alway the high ground with Anthony…

BBC questions if Pachauri’s continued presence “is still serving the best interests of the IPCC”

BBC questions if Pachauri’s continued presence “is still serving the best interests of the IPCC”. Apparently some British politicians think that Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), should step down because denialists don’t like him. The BBC’s Roger Harrabin writes that Dr. Pachauri is “associated with controversy and error in the IPCC AR4.” What he’s associated with both minor errors? Off with his head! With him gone, Global Warming will naturally stop immediately.

Which image of Dr. Pachuri does Anthony use? Hint: not on the right.

Guess what; Anthony Watts will pour scorn and false accusations on anyone who occupies that office. Is Dr. Pachauri a “railway engineer”? Nope. Does he “write smutty novels”? Nope. Will Anthony repeat these claims as often as possible? Yup.