Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week

Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week (2013-12-13). Anthony Watts, “citizen-scientist”, discovers that Global Warming is a lie! Why? Well because this week the world continental USA was (mostly) cold! There were 2000(ish) cold and snow records set! Never mind the 98 high temperature records. Or that only about half the “cold” records were really low max. temps. Or that the conflated snow records are really signs that the cold air has remained warm enough to hold the moisture needed to produce high snow falls.

After all each time the weather is sort-of cold anywhere its conclusive, incontrovertible, permanent, proof that there never was any Global Warming and that furthermore Global Warming has now stopped.

Of course any time it’s hot it’s just natural fluctuation that doesn’t mean anything, ever. Global Warming – denied! Thus speaketh Anthony Watts.

Buried in Anthony’s vaguely attributed info-graphic is the more honest comparison;
in the last week there 1234 low max. temp records set and 98 high max. temp records set. Yep, it’s been a cold week in many places the US, but not everywhere.


Anthony Watts hovers over weather reports like a sullen vulture, never missing a chance to trumpet cold weather as evidence against our overheating climate. In the comments the dumb-asses wise heads bob along as instructed.

5 thoughts on “Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week

  1. And Willard can suck a fart out of my butt: He’s a “weatherman” (coffcofffakecoffcoff) who still doesn’t know the difference between weather and climate, and in any case, wouldn’t acknowledge it anyway, cuz doing so wouldn’t further his anti-science agenda.

  2. One thing that’s puzzled me with all these records (whether hot or cold), are they records for a particular date, or for a span of dates (ie week) or for the month or for the entire year? It strikes me that the low and high records may be merely for the date or for the span of dates reported (in this case a week), which wouldn’t carry all that much weight.

    If they are the hottest or coldest day ever on record at a particular place it is impressive. Or even if they are the hottest or coldest day ever recorded for a particular time of the year – that is, for a month or a season.

    I had a look around the Hamweather website but I couldn’t find the answer. Does anyone know?

    [Like the other 427 of Anthony’s conclusive debunkings of Global Warming, he’s vastly overselling a cold snap of a few days. – Ben]

  3. Ah, the inconvenient truth, for Willard forgets to point out – Alaska, well documented for its biting cold. That state broke many temperature records in the year 2013. Suffering from heat wave conditions in June 2013. Perhaps, one should not mention the extremely odd, warmer then average December temperatures, in Alaska, too.

    It explains much that he deliberately avoid mentioning the state of climate change in Alaska, in the year 2013.

    Sadly, according to Skeptical Science weekly news round up 9th December, 2013.

    “Arctic thaw tied to European, US heatwaves and downpours: study” Reuters Sunday December 8th 2013

    “US Navy predicts summer ice free Arctic by 2016” Guardian Newspaper

    “Slow growth on the Atlantic side of the Arctic, Antarctic ice extent remains high” Source: National Snow and Ice Data Center

    In other news “Extreme summer weather in northern mid-latitudes linked to a vanishing cryosphere” Source: Nature

    Question: watt will Willard tell his ever declining fewer rapidly dwindling band of faithful loyal lap dogs/fans, the year that the Arctic Ocean, finally became “Ice Free In Summer”?

    Oh well, as the seasons change in the northern hemisphere the exact opposite occurs in the southern hemisphere.

    Down under in Oz, summer weather predictions “National temperature outlook for December to February”, Source: Australian Bureau of Meteorology

  4. Ben,

    I really don’t think you’ve worked hard enough to discredit Anthony’s claim here. He put in the data for the highs and high minimums – you’ve even circled it in your post. The point is that the number of lows and low maximums outnumber the highs and record high minimums by a ratio of 8 to 1. I realize it’s all just weather but much is being made of the record highs set in Russia in November – which is just weather as well.

    To combat Anthony’s “logic” – or as you would say “lack thereof,” shouldn’t you find some recent weather records that show highs and high minimums that outgoing number the lows and low maximums in a similar 8 to 1 fashion?

    Sou, I believe these numbers are all record temps for the week of Dec 6 to 13. They are daily records for various locations. So yeah, again, not THAT impressive, because it’s just weather.

    [My point is that Anthony’s anti-climate change claims are invariably weak distractions. Anything that he can, even for a moment, use as a distraction is fair game regardless of its inevitable meaninglessness. In this case Anthony is crowing about a week in which there happened to be substantial local record highs but were also a significant number of local record lows. It’s a deliberate opportunistic distraction. – Ben]

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