Monckton says he’ll take over the shuttered Pattern Recognition in Physics Journal

Monckton says he’ll take over the shuttered Pattern Recognition in Physics Journal (2014-01-23). Anthony Watts praises an “emotional commentary” in World Nutter Daily by the rabid Lord Monckton, who wants to relaunch the catastrophically failed journal Pattern Recognition in Physics. Remember the denialists who appointed themselves editors and approved each other’s nonsense papers and then got caught red-handed?

Because scientific cranks not being allowed to pretend their rants have passed objective  review is proof that “The Age of Reason and Enlightenment is over. The Dark Ages are back.”

From this quote, it sounds like Anthony has realized what side of his bread the butter’s on (that would be the conspiracy theory right-wing lunatic side):

All I can say is that I hope the people that tried to publish in the first PRP journal (now closed) find a friendly home there. It will be interesting to watch it evolve and I wish them all the success they deserve.

All is right in the world again.

HotWhopper has some entertaining observations, such as noting the comments of non-scientist (but pretend journal editor) Roger “Tallbloke” Tattersall:

Roger reckons he’s going to use Christopher’s mighty shoulder to heave the stone of ignorance off the path of knowledge and straighten the road

January 30th update: I can’t believe I didn’t click through to Monckton’s own post! It’s the most awesome example of Monckton in full raging, foaming, comic, flight I’ve seen! Funniest thing I’ve seen in months, and I watch a lot of cute cat videos.

Resentful, thin-skinned PRP editor-in-chief Mörner is apparently a “charming and lively man, with a soul and a wit that are eternal youth personified” while the blind-sided publisher is “formless lump of lard” and “appalling”. Naturally the phrases “Nazi-era book-burning”, “Galileo”, “New Dogma”, “Communist” and “criminal organization” are also thrown about with vigour. Monckton’s supporters try to reach the same comic heights in their comments, but the bar is just set too high. Good times, good times.

5 thoughts on “Monckton says he’ll take over the shuttered Pattern Recognition in Physics Journal

  1. “Roger reckons he’s going to use Christopher’s mighty shoulder to heave the stone of ignorance off the path of knowledge and straighten the road”

    As I learnt from me Aussie mates…Oh, FFS!

    [Good learning. – Ben]

  2. I thought that Monckton has an “undergraduate” degree in classical studies. Apart from showing complete ignorance of science and not experience as a reviewer or editor …. what are his qualifications. If the publisher did not like the earlier editorial board, they won’t go with Monckton.

  3. One wonders, what ‘Dewy Decimal’ number would a Librarian assign, to this free unsolicited Monckton Climate Mythology magazine?

    But then again, being a paid editor in chief of a magazine devoted to printing “Climate Myths”, could come with a handsome stipend, until it folds after the first and only edition.

    [I wonder if publishing over-hyped puzzles counts towards Monckton’s editorial credentials? – Ben]

  4. Speaking of pattern recognition, the pattern of a portcullis below a crown, with chains on both sides of it at Monckton’s web pages.

    Is the potty peer prat still claiming to be a member of the British House of Lords?

    Climate sceptic Lord Monckton told he’s not member of House of Lords

    Aristocrat admits tale of lost home was stunt to boost puzzle sales

    “Once impeached … ”

    [Surprise! The good Lord admits he will lie at the drop of a hat. – Ben]

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