Friday Funny – Mann Overboard!

“Friday Funny – Mann Overboard!” (2014-01-24). Anthony Watts laughs that Michael Mann has dismissed Patrick Moore as a “garden variety troll” in tweet. Even though Moore calls himself “The Sensible Environmentalist” and a co-founder of Greenpeace! The nerve.

How can Dr. Mann say such poisonous things when even Greenpeace says “Patrick Moore, a paid spokesman for the nuclear industry, frequently cites a long-ago affiliation with Greenpeace to gain legitimacy in the media.”  and that “Patrick Moore Did Not Found Greenpeace.”

Wait, that ruins Anthony’s punchline and Friday’s the day that Anthony thinks he’s hilarious! Forget you read that.

Just remember that climate scientists are nasty and hateful and that “climate skeptics” are innocents under attack.

5 thoughts on “Friday Funny – Mann Overboard!

  1. Is Patrick “Watson” in the first paragraph as you intended?

    [Thanks for the catch! Corrected. “Patrick Watson” is Canadian musician I know and like, not sure how I transposed the two. – Ben]

  2. So, the denialosphere is abuzz and atitter over Steyn’s “counterblast” against Mann, which looks to my totally inexpert eye to be basically a rant. Has any sane person commented on this yet?

    [Much like their science, denialists seem to get their legal learnin’ from comic books. Steyn’s lawsuit sounds more like a discarded Letter to the Editor. Or maybe one of those stupid “Open Letters” to nobody that Anthony seems to think are so important. – Ben]

  3. Patrick Moore is also an apologist for the forest industry, claiming that there is no relationship between large are clear cutting and erosion or streams filling up with silt, gravel and boulders.

    Moore now says that he knew that East Coast seal populations were never at risk from sealers, but used that scare claim to try and get the annual seal harvest stopped. Moore and others at Greenpeace involved in that got their shots of themselves spray painting baby seals with oil paint, but did not hang around to be recorded when the seals pups later died of hypothermia because the paint did not dry in the cold and destroyed the insulation value of the pup’s fur where it was sprayed

    To put an ironic spin on that issue, the recent disappearance of sea ice covering 60% or more of the Gulf of St Lawrence, and at least 30 cm thick, poses a real risk to seal populations. The first year that happened was just after Prime Minister Harper increased the seal pup quota, to show those pesky Europeans they could not tell Canada what to do with seals. With no stable ice to haul out on mother seals gave birth in the water and drowned seal pups floated up along the coastline.

  4. Patrick Moore is a well known former Greenpeace activist turned Industry apologist and nuclear power “phoenix”

    I remember when Bob Hunter was trying to get their act together to sail a hired fish boat to Amchitka, hoping to delay a nuclear weapon test. One Reporter asked one of the “volunteers” whether he realized what the North Pacific was like in the winter, recording him saying “I am from Gloucester”. When the reporter asked what that meant the Seasoned Sailor from Gloucester said it meant that he did not get seasick.

    You only get one guess about who got so deathly ill from motion sickness that the fish boat had to divert by about 1000 km round trip, to put him off on shore. That delay kept the ship from arriving until after the test. So it goes.

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