More Arctic & sea level “worse than we thought” scare stories

More Arctic & sea level “worse than we thought” scare stories (May 4, 2011). Steven Goddard, alternately an embarrassment to even Anthony Watts and then the next great thinker, is back in the limelight. Steven, just like Bob Tisdale a few days ago, thinks that straight lines are the best way to describe environmental changes. Pick two useful points and connect ’em. Job done.

Anthony’s deep insight into the the Lund University report, Effects of climate change in the Arctic more extensive than expectedis that this is “nothing more than recycled alarm” but the report is confirmation of Arctic climate change, not newly invented fears. Perhaps Anthony wants to frame the report so his readers won’t, well, read it. They could encounter facts there.

Who said that sea-level rise will be linear? Even the Steven Goddard chart above that Anthony thinks is so “telling” shows it’s clearly happening. That’s the recycling here, of  a denialist straw-man. Beyond this misrepresentation Anthony and Steven make no further argument.

From the report:

A much reduced covering of snow, shorter winter season and thawing tundra. The effects of climate change in the Arctic are already here. And the changes are taking place significantly faster than previously thought.

“The changes we see are dramatic. And they are not coincidental. The trends are unequivocal and deviate from the norm when compared with a longer term perspective”, she says.

“It is clear that great changes are at hand. It is all happening in the Arctic right now. And what is happening there affects us all”, says Margareta Johansson.

Perhaps Anthony and Steven think that the climate scientists here are deliberately lying to us in order to collect their 200 secret alarmist pay cheques from Maurice Strong?

Greenhouse Thought Experiment

Greenhouse Thought Experiment. A Guest Post from Jeff Condon. Denialists go to great lengths to misrepresent the “greenhouse” effect and direct our attention to partisan television commercials telling us that CO2 is “essential for life”. Mr. Dunning–Kruger Derek Alker, inspired by Tim Ball et. al.’s comic novel Slaying the Sky Dragon – Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory, sent Jeff an Excel spreadsheet and a really ugly PDF that “ends the AGW scam” (again).

Apparently Derek received a geometric flash of insight into Earth’s shape. Them dumb physicists are ignoring the “back” half! Only they’re not of course…Science of Doom tries to turn the conversation back to reality on Jeff’s “No Consensus” website (sorry, I can’t write that without quotes around it).

But for us, this is Jeff’s launching point for a thought experiment about “the greenhouse”. He considers two Earths (specifically, a happy 1℃ warmer Republican Earth and a miserable colder Democratic Earth). Which will appear “warmer” to an external observer? After-all, a real greenhouse will appear warmer to an external observer. As any Physics 100 student will tell you, the answer is that the two Earths must exactly balance the radiative energy. In = out.

The interesting question is how could one Earth be 1℃ warmer than the other. Who wants to guess?

T. Boone Pickens Abandons U.S. wind power

T. Boone Pickens Abandons U.S. wind power. T. Boone Pickens’ changing business interests apparently proves that Global Warming isn’t happening and that no-one should invest in “green” initiatives. Pasting in a Slashdot story stub proves it.

Hmm. The Slashdot comments suggest that he was angling for big government handouts and had an ulterior motive of wanting control of access corridors for pipelines.

Jim and Bill’s excellent misadventure

Jim and Bill’s excellent misadventure. Anthony Watts has found a transcript of an interview of Jim Hansen by Bill McKibben. I wonder if he got permission to repost it?

According to Anthony;

Reading it, you can feel some of the anger these two guys have for people like you and I, riding just below the surface of the conversation. You can also get a hint of the panic they feel.

Oh, if wishes were fishes Anthony. Think about how people feel about truculent, obstinate stooges and you’ll get an idea of the emotions in play.

Cryosat ice mission returns first science data

Cryosat ice mission returns first science data. Yes, Cryosat, which measures sea-ice thickness using synthetic aperture radar, has started returning usable data. Strangely, Anthony Watts directs his readers to the disgustingly “alarmist” BBC for more information.

Now I suppose we simply have to wait 30 years for Anthony to begin to accept that the disappearing Arctic Sea Ice is statistically meaningful. After-all, this is “just the first data”!